I have found a "Handyman" here in the Hood.  A nice man who likes to talk as much as I do.  I had him come over for a little repair job in the apartment while I was painting.  One thing always leads to another and I inserted God into the conversation at some point.  Interesting how He always comes up when I am talking.

Mr. Handyman is not a Believer.  When he questioned a couple of things about Christians, I gave him my answers.  One of those answers, "God gave us a brain and intends for us to use it."  He changed the subject after that last answer.  He almost seemed to be condescending at first and perhaps a little on the attack side.  Why does Christianity elicit such a response from others?

While painting, I began thinking this over---painting allows LOTS of thinking time!  The next time God gives me the opportunity to drop His name into a conversation with a non-believer, I am going to go on the attack---instead of being attacked---but in a subtle--loving manner.  One of the questions posed to me in this conversation as I gave my answer I asked, "Have you ever read the Bible?"  That will be my challenge from now on---Have you ever explored what this is all about?  OR are you going on what you have heard and read in the media?  It is not fair to attack anything based upon hear-say--become informed and THEN we will talk it over.  

What do you have to lose by becoming informed?  A greater understanding of what all the fuss is about could be informative and eye opening.


”What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love him”

I Corinithians 2:9

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