As I was reading a blog post about reckless abandonment on the ski slope, one of my favorite memories exploded to the surface.  My first skiing trip was as an adult---as in an adult in my late 40's.  I love an adventure and learned a long time ago to conquer my fears or risk losing out.  OFF to the slopes I went ON A BUS---with a bus load of fellow Believers-many of them teens----20 + HOURS on a bus. WHAT WAS I THINKING???

The first day everyone who had not skied had a group lesson---for one half a day.  It appeared I should have been in the class for S L O W learners---I could not seem to get it!  The secret to skiing--I later learned---is learning how to stop---once you know that---and are not fearful of skiing off the side of the mountain--it gets better.  For some reason---I could not figure out how to make the necessary wedge to slow and stop.  NOT to be defeated, I kept trying.  I kept going up that ski-lift and trying to get down that gentle slope without losing control.  It was for naught---I was TOTALLY out of control.  Finally I learned a trick--which probably saved my life.  When totally out of control and heading down the mountain WAY too fast, find one of those orange plastic --webbed boundary fences (UP-HILL) and head for it.  It would stop me every time---all I had to do then was dis-entangle myself from the orange webbing, get back up on my feet and pray none of the ski patrol had seen me!  The orange webbing became my life line to prevent hurling off the mountain. 

I am happy to report---I learned to ski---FINALLY--after taking single lessons.  I enjoyed many trips to the mountains and have wonderful memories of the fun of each trip.  I never passed an orange fence though that my skis did not ease that way---I suppose the Kamikaze Ski instinct was deeply embedded!

We have a safety net in life also--when life becomes precarious--dangerous--and we are headed to destruction and doom---there is a web to catch us before we hurl off the cliff into the deep abysses of endless gnashing of teeth and groaning.  Jesus is waiting to catch us---offering a life line to stop the free fall into the bottomless pit of the darkest night.  All we have to do--is head for Him and put out our hands ---He will catch us.

"For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost."
Luke 19:10


  1. Praising God for that safety net which is Him ... where would we be without Jesus! And what kind of disasters has He swept us away from!

    Appreciate your writing, my friend. And I hope you're having a super week!

  2. Linda, I laugh each time I recall using those safety nets---I smile each time I think of Jesus protecting me! A Blessed Week to YOU as well!


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