Recently I looked at a new friend across the room and noticed her beautiful eyes and flawless creamy complexion---which reminds me of childhood coffee---a little coffee and a lot of cream.  As I listened to her speak with great words of wisdom and a deep knowledge of The Word, her inner beauty shined and her deep love for Our Lord poured out with every word she spoke.

Later as everyone stood and the hum of conversation swirled around the room, I walked over --looked into her deep dark eyes--and said, "Do you know you are really beautiful?"  The head of PR for a large local institution----she is constantly in the spotlight---and never at a loss for words.  She stopped in her tracks and looked down--without comment.  I repeated, "You do know that don't you?"  As she slowly gazed up, there were tears in her eyes as she responded, "No, I do not ever think that."  I assured her---you are beautiful and do not ever think otherwise.

We get so hung up on the standards the world has given us---that we are bombarded with daily--those yard sticks to measure ourselves by---that we become convinced we do not measure up.  BUT WAIT---we are wonderfully and fearfully made--in the VERY IMAGE OF GOD.  HE is beautiful and His Word tells us we are beautiful. 

Who are we going to listen to the Great Deceiver and all of his agents or Almighty God?  We all need and desire to be told we are beautiful/handsome.  I am telling you----you are beautiful---TRULY-YOU ARE!

"Oh, my dear friend!
You're so beautiful!
And your eyes so beautiful-like doves!"
Song of Songs 1:15


  1. Hi Lulu! What a gift you gave that woman. I think it is important to tell people how beautiful they are. Both inside and out. Really, most people who are beautiful to us, are that way because of their inner loveliness.

    I remember I told one of my nieces how pretty she was. My sister-in-law told me not to say that. Why? She didn't want her kids to have a swelled ego. Really? I think it's good to appreciate each other!
    Blessings to a person who blessed another :)


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