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Thursday, May 15, 2014


The devastating tornadoes that rolled through Arkansas recently were tragic.  Loss of life, loss of property, loss of limb---an entire lifetime swept away in a moment of time.  I saw a video posted on Facebook as someone drove through the midst of the destruction brief minutes after the world turned upside down.  It drew an incredible amount of comments---all very negative.  The videographer drove through screaming mothers searching for babies-the moaning injured and devastation as far as the camera could catch- recording it all.  The outrage was over the need to create a video in the midst of layer upon layer of human suffering.  I well remember one comment, "Bad Form, Brother, Bad Form!"

I do not pretend to know the reasoning behind the cameraman.  Perhaps he felt we all needed to witness the devastation.  Perhaps he thought he could sell the video to a local news affiliate.  Perhaps in a world gone crazy with recording every moment of life via the WWW--it seemed appropriate.  His witness became a passive act of recording the facts as he slowly rolled through the destruction and misery.  His witness was a noun---a name placed on his act of recording the history of the destruction and pain.

Human misery all around--pain--suffering--devastation and the world slowly drives by taking it all in with no thought to stopping and helping.  We all become convinced someone else is taking care of this mess.  We rely upon the government authorities to do the dirty work of cleaning up the mess of death, injury, and destruction.  As I watched the video, I wondered who might be under that pile of rubble you just passed?  Could you possibly have saved a life by the mere act of stopping and helping instead of passively passing by and becoming a witness?

As I am studying Acts, I have been mulling over what witnessing entails.  Jesus did not mean it to be passive---but active.  As we wait for His return or the end of our time on this earth, we are instructed to be a living witness of Who He is-The Great Redeemer. It is not up to the professionals in ministry--it is up to each of us.  Shame on me if I pass through this life with suffering, pain, and misery surrounding me, if I am merely a witness of the Fallen World around me and not a witness to those of the ONLY answer.  Forgive me, Father when I passively walk the path and embolden me to actively provide The Witness! 

"He told the, 'You don't get to know the time.  Timing is the Father's business.  What you get is the Holy Spirit.  And when the Holy Spirit comes on you, you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, all over Judea and Samaria, even to the ends of the world.' "
Acts 1:7-8


  1. Wow!!!! Chills all over! Thank you for this humbling reminder that standing on the sidelines helps no one in the game!

    1. As I watched that video---it immediately called into question---"What would I have done?" Humbling!

  2. truth be told, most of us would rather be passive bystanders. it's easier, there's less pain, we don't have to be responsible or accountable.

    but when all is said and done, it's a pretty lousy legacy ...

    1. Run do not walk to the nearest exit and do not get in front of me! I fear you are correct, Linda---asking God for His good purpose for me. Wondering as I write this---does He want me to start looking?

  3. Hi Lulu! ( Girl, I do not know where you live, but if I head south, I am letting you know! Lunch and dinner? You got it!!)
    I really like your point about skipping the outsider view, and diving in to help. What are we called to do, but to help? I don't think Jesus ever said "Hey, if someone's in trouble, be sure to take a video of it." Oh brother.
    Thank you for a little wake-up call today.
    Blessings, Ceil

    1. DEEP in the Heart of Texas---COME ON---got an extra bed too!


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