I thought I was old enough to be beyond the realm of "Mean Girls".  Sadly they still exist--even being old enough to know better!  You women KNOW what I am talking about!  Those girls subject to nose bleed from their noses being held at high altitudes.  Those girls in need of eye correction due to their short sightedness.  Those girls suffering from claustrophobia brought on by the crush of a VERY small group of friends.  Those girls with tongues as sharp as razors able to cut to shreds any supposed threat.  

OH, my own wise words failed to make the path around the track during my recent encounter with the MG's.  Wise words---"When someone is mean or critical, their words come from their own insecurities."  While in the midst of an attack ---I was doing all I could to just keep my head low.  Analyzing where the mean attack came from finally rose to the surface sometime later.  At the moment, I sat in amazed silence in a surreal nightmare world I thought I had escaped long ago.

TOP the MG attack with their sidekick, Mean Guy.  He was the most vicious of the trio.  By  the end of the evening, he had taken my fragile ego and stomped on it  over and over.  As I thought about it later, I wondered if it was intentional--or merely a warning for those not in the parameters of "Fitting In".  OH--and lest I forget--it was all done in the "Name of Jesus".  TRULY it was a surreal experience!  I LIVED IN A BUBBLE for a LONG time!  I began to see the Real World almost six years ago and it amazes me each and every time my vision is broadened by glimpses of The Fallen World around me.

There is a story of "Mean Girls" in The Book.  Genesis tells us about the original "Mean Girl" Hagar.  She gave Sarah fits!  Looking down her nose at poor barren Sarah--flaunting her reproductive prowess.  The KEY to this story---Sarah allowed the Mean Girl Hagar to gain the  power and the edge.  It was at Sarah's request that Hagar began pro-creating with Abraham.  Sarah gave Hagar the power---instead of patiently waiting for God's fulfillment of His promise--Sarah took things in her own hands.  Hagar's meanness--all explainable--she was a slave--no status--low self esteem--striking out at the one who had it all.  Sarah suffered the agony of living with the "Mean Girl" because of her own impatience and lack of faith.

SO moral of my story---Do not play with the mean girls. Turn and walk away from them.   Love them from a distance--be kind--be courteous--remember they are children of The Most High.  BUT the only power they have is the power I give them.  Be patient and full of faith---knowing The Most High God--has a plan. 

"One day Sarah saw the son that Hagar the Egyptian had borne to Abraham, poking fun at her son Isaac.  She told Abraham, 'Get rid of this slave woman and her son.  No child of this slave is going to share inheritance with my son, Isaac!' "
Genesis 21: 9-10 


  1. Do not repay evil with evil but repay evil with good. Always turn the other cheek!

    1. Was never unkind, Julie. Just astonished this kind of behavior still goes on!

  2. Mean girls know no age limit. And when they're in the church, which should be the safest place on earth, they destroy the sweet love that we're supposed to be known by.

    Have they been wounded along the way? Probably. Do they need a healing touch? For sure. But we need to stop winking at this, allowing it, excusing it.

    Let's keep our sisters and our little ones safe.

    1. Well Linda, I do always wonder where these actions come from. Love them to pieces---that may be the answer.

  3. Hi Lulu! Oh my gosh, let's all be 12 years old again. Or not!! I read somewhere recently that Jesus forgave those who left him after he told them they would have to eat his body and drink his blood. When they left, he didn't run after them yelling "This is what I meant by that!!!" If people are not with you, shake the dust and move on. Forgive, and let it go.
    How sad that at our age mean girls still act the way they do. It's really sad isn't it? I'm so sorry they made you feel 'less than' for a while.
    But I'm glad you can see that they are the ones in need of sympathy. You're fine Lulu. You always were.

    1. Bless you, Ceil! I finally laughed about it after a while.


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