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Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Determined should be my middle name---and perhaps Stubborn my nickname.  I cannot think of many things I will not try to tackle--by myself.

Move the furniture across the room and then back again when I discover I do not like the change---NO PROBLEM---Push-Pull-Shove-Grunt-Groan---moving it an inch at a time.  Turn the mattress on the bed---foot end back to the head--all the way over---it's like picking up a family of four and relocating them.  It needs turning though.

Paint the entire house---paint the entire apartment--re-treat the deck and wood fence.  Put not one but four coats on the apartment---three coats on the house---it took almost a month to paint the house---WHY?  I did it all alone.

Move three times in two years---down-sizing each and every time.  Pack all the boxes---move all the boxes--un-pack all the boxes.  Give away-throw away all that will not fit.  Why no--I don't need help--It's a piece of cake.

Just today, I crawled under the car to make a temporary repair with PINK twine!  Ask for help--perhaps there was a better solution---NAH!

What causes us to not ask for help?  Why are we so reluctant to accept the offers of others to give us a hand?  STUBBORN----DETERMINED---NO SINFUL!

My pride keeps me from asking for help---or even accepting help when it is offered.  The need to be in control and on the throne of self reliance creates the hesitation.  I PAY---oh DO I pay---for my sin--sore back--strained muscles--bruises-bumps---it costs me dearly.  And then there are those who would have been blessed by helping---my pride refused them a blessing!  

I need to back up---examine my motives---and take a lesson in grace.  Without a doubt--my largest sin---failure to give up control and give in to accepting my limitations---Time to work on that!

"And do not neglect doing good and sharing; for with such sacrifices God is pleased."
Hebrews 13:16

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