As I visited with a bouquet of beautiful friends and family while in R---my Louisiana home---God reminded me once again of His gracious provision and love for me.  I drove away from Louisiana with my heart filled and over-flowing with the sweet aroma of deep friendships built over a life-time.

During my darkest hours--when I cried out to God-"I cannot do this!"---my God community grabbed me.  When there were no words and I could only utter, "Oh, God!", they filled the gap and prayed for me.  Bombarding heaven with prayer after prayer, they became my life line to the Great God of the Universe.  Holding on and gently pulling me until I saw a glimpse of the light as I slowly emerged from my pit of despair, the community God began forming in my life years ago beseeched God for me and kept my name before His throne.   

Knowing decades before the path of grief I would tread, God began to form a Believer Fellowship which would become my cocoon during the dark winter of hopelessness.  They reached out---embraced me---held on to me---and loved me well with nothing expected in return.  When I could not love myself --they wrapped me in the warmth of their love and patiently held on.  

God intends us to be in fellowship for this very reason.  Each and everyone of us will struggle at some point in our lives.  Most will come to a time when they are desperate ---our community becomes the lifeline He began weaving long before.  Look around yourself---identify the strands of the rope of hope--embrace those golden threads.  Allow Him to weave a strong cord of fellowship around you---
ALL for God's Good Purpose.

"Finally, all of you should be of one mind. Sympathize with each other. Love each other as brothers and sisters. Be tenderhearted, and keep a humble attitude."
I Peter 3:8

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