There are days you can find me "Under the Bottle Brush" quaking in fear.

It occurred to me I was living in the shadow of fear when discussing my investments.  Satan takes our past--and the fears we have learned from our past and uses them against us.  My daddy died when I was 14--my mother struggled to support our family of four and did not remarry until we were all grown.   I was a young single mother for a few years--it was a huge struggle to go back to school and obtain that degree with no financial support.  I literally lived on almost nothing.  I remember wondering how I was going to buy needed shoes for my son.  All this profoundly affected me for life.

Fast forward an entire lifetime.  I am retired, I am alone and this is it--do not see any rich relatives out there or any big book deals headed my way.  And the whispering starts in my ear.  What else is God going to take away to teach me?  Look what you have lost already---look what happened to Job---your future could be bleak.  I am living under the cloud of fear instead of the promise of faith.  

As I mulled all this over, Jonah popped to the surface.  God had taken Jonah for quite the spin around the block and Jonah let God have it.  He yelled at the Almighty - All Powerful God--"I knew this was going to happen!"  Ranting and raving like a madman---Jonah let God know he did not like how things had turned out.  It was NOT according to Jonah's plan.  God patiently listened and then taught Jonah a valuable lesson.  The Lord provides and the Lord takes away---and then reminds Jonah---you did NOTHING ---I provided it--so I can take it away.

It is a daily struggle to turn from my fears---and turn to my faith.  All may be taken away---but nothing is gained from sitting under the bottle brush quaking in fear--except a victory for Satan.  Who am I to question--and where is the trust I haughtily proclaim?  If it all disappears today--and I am left on the street with not even one cent to my name---IS HE NOT THE SAME GOD WHO HAS FAITHFULLY WALKED BY MY SIDE THE ENTIRE PATH?  Where is my faith--even if God sends a worm---He is the ALL WISE God--filled with love and grace.

"God arranged for a broad-leafed tree to spring up.  It grew over Jonah to cool him off and get him out of his angry sulk.  Jonah was pleased and enjoyed the shade.  Life was looking up.  But then God sent a worm."
Jonah 4:6-7


  1. We, all, are so extremely guilty of having such little faith!!
    Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Anonymous, It scares me silly to think about how bleak my future might be---BUT my most profound deepening of knowledge of Who God is has come in my bleakest times. I forget at the end---all I will truly have is Him!

  2. He gives ... and takes away. He flourishes our lives ... and then prunes them severely. When all is said and done, I just have to trust His character and remember all the good things He has done. And believe that He has good in mind for me.
    Even if life gets to the place where that's hard to imagine.

    Great is His faithfulness.

    Weekend blessings, Lulu ...

    1. I was reminded by your comment of how much better my plants do when I prune them. They grow and flourish after a good pruning! We are trusting with faith---ALL thing work for good for those that love the Lord!

      Happy Weekend to you, Dear Friend!

  3. Hi Lulu! My husband has been unemployed for a long time, so I can share in your fear for the future. I know that worry does nothing but make me feel worse...I wonder why I do it so much? And you can look back and see how you were able to go to school and provide for your child with, as you said, 'nothing.'

    In our nothing, God will be something. He will hear and provide. I just know it! I think about Job. Everything was gone, even his friends were a huge downer. But he had faith and was restored. Let's think about him!
    I just love your comments on my blog, BTW. You demonstrate such faith and wisdom. I am so grateful when I see your name pop up. Thank you!
    Happy Mothers Day my friend. And peace be with you :)

    1. Thank you, Ceil for your comments. I am not feeling wise and far from faithful at this particular moment--so God used you to remind me. He has been consistently faithful throughout my life.

      Happy Mother's Day to you, Friend! And may the peace that passes ALL understanding reside in our hearts!

  4. Trust in those you know that have your best interest at heart and who have been there many times before. You have more friends and more support than you have imagined or acknowledged, all sent and guided under God's provision and supervision..


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