I have only been here in the GREAT state of Texas a year and I have already received my first jury summons.  REALLY???  I am sitting today with a room full of other potential jury candidates waiting to be questioned as to my ability to be fair and impartial and convict or not based upon the evidence.  All those years in Louisiana and I only had two jury summons and did not get chosen either time--did not even get the opportunity to enlighten the judge and attorneys as to my extensive legal knowledge.  No chance to say---"Yes, I know the defense attorney--he is my client---Yes, I know the prosecuting attorney-she is my sister in law---yes I know all about the accused--I read the local paper everyday.  DISAPPOINTING!

Here I am--in the Land of the Anonymous---they do not know me and I do not know them and I do not read the local paper.  I suppose I am as impartial as you could ever get.  OR AM I?  I am able to look past the exterior and judge solely based upon the facts?  I think I am---but we shall see.

Will I be able to be wise and discerning as King Solomon was in The Book?  I love the story of the two women --both claiming a baby as their own. King Solomon prayed for wisdom and then proclaimed his decision.   King Solomon's solution to cut the baby in half quickly flushed out the real mother.  The one willing to give up her true claim to save her baby's life.  

Righteous Judgement---to not base my decision upon my emotions---or what seems right and feels right--but rather weigh the facts presented in the evidence.  God's righteous judgement of us all--based not upon how we present our stories--or how we think we should be judged but based solely on the facts--the truth.  I will search for the truth and base my judgement entirely upon that--without bias or partiality--only on the truth and pray for God to give me wisdom.

I Kings 3: 16-28


  1. Good luck. It has been like 30 yrs since I served on a jury.(NO KIDDING)-----Thank you for the gentle reminder about the Bible story..I am so guilty of claiming judgement on things. Blessings

    1. Post coming on our propensity to judge, Linda.

  2. Hi Lulu! I have lived in Illinois for over forty years and have never been called to jury duty. Seriously! My husband has gone at least five times. But I think I'm relieved actually. I am terrible at judging people, I have no idea when they are lying or telling the truth. Good thing it's God who judges me (and everyone else). He is the one who sees so clearly.

    Were you picked? Can't wait to hear how it went for you! May God gift you with his wisdom and insight. I'll be praying for you.

    1. A post coming with an answer to your question, Ceil.! Thank you for praying!


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