I had a round table talk with my sister in laws and niece while celebrating my nephew's wedding last week.  Our discussion centered on the reason for our creation.  The Word is loaded with examples of God revealing His purpose for the men and women whose lives are chronicled in those pages.  "For This Very Purpose" is scattered overtly and sublimely throughout those sacred words.  He shows us He has purpose for each of us---and "If we seek Him, we shall find Him".  Along with finding Him---we find His purpose-


I find myself becoming frustrated when the purpose I have deemed I have does not line up with His purpose.  Why would He lavish gifts and talents upon me and not use them in a grand fashion?  Is His purpose for me within the confines of the small circle of world that I touch?  Does He not desire for me to minister to the down trodden, the hungry, the sick, the disenfranchised in far corners of this world?  Telling Him, "Here I Am"  and waiting for His Perfect Will to unfold can be frustrating---for me---  How quickly I forget my creation was for His Good Pleasure and He has a perfect plan for me.  An intricate pattern was formulated before I took my first breath.  The tapestry of my life path when gazing upon one day can appear dull and sometimes pointless----BUT pull back--way back and look at the entire tapestry--the beauty becomes evident when looking from above at the complete woven pattern.

Listening to one of of my daily devotionals, I was struck by these words-

"And that is what the world is looking for--NOT for you to be amazing, but for you to shine God's glory."

NO NEED FOR AMAZEMENT---only a need for obedience and then---


will be woven into the day to day living according to His Good Purpose.

Many plans are in a man's mind,
 but it is the Lord's purpose for him that will stand.


  1. Hi Lulu! Wow, you have some deep discussions at wedding receptions...what a faith-filled family!
    I know what you mean about thinking on a grand scale. To stick out in the world seems to be always my goal. To constantly 'top' myself...that's a lot of pressure. And I balance whether what I hope for myself is his hope, with the knowledge that the timing is always his too.
    Love that Proverbs passage. I think I should have it tattoo'd on me. As much as I may think I know what to do, it's never certain. Your prayer of 'here I am' is perfect. Like you, I need to get comfy with 'no' and 'wait.' Just like when I was a toddler!
    Bless you!

    1. I LOVE a deep theological discussion--it stretches, me and makes me think! Would LOVE to have one with you, Friend!

    2. Awww...thanks! I wish we lived closer :)

  2. Hmm..we have the same discussions at our home..good post (as usual). Thanks for sharing. Blessings

    1. OH Linda, I thrive when discussing these great topics! Would love to sit and discuss this very thing with you, Friend!


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