The judicial system has struck a hard blow---not only was I rejected---but they never allowed me into the inner sanctum of the court room.  To make the rejection even colder---it came via email.  No opportunity to exercise wise judgement--no need for my call for righteous punishment---no declaration of the rights of the innocent---The on-line questionnaire --the initial step once chosen---caused someone to decide my judgement was not needed.  

As I slowly read the rejection---thank you--but NO THANKS,  I wondered what about my honest answers disqualified me in the eyes of another?  Was it my age, my gender, my education, my address, or some other mundane fact?  Someone else looked at my answers and judged me to not be the one to sit in judgement.  Many would be relieved---I was intrigued ---by the rejection based upon a handful of facts.

I thought through who I would select to be on a jury.  It would entirely depend upon which side of the case I was representing--of course.  Would I want fair treatment based upon the facts?  Perhaps not---I might want bias--I might want lack of sophistication---I might want naivety of the law---I might want youthful innocence of the flawed world.  But then again---I might want the exact opposite too.

When I look at the fallen world around me---when I look at the innocent victims--when I look at the pain and suffering---how do I judge the perpetrators?  Harshly and without mercy---an eye for an eye.  When I see your fallen state--your sinful life---what kind of judgement do I demand?  Accept the consequences of what you have done---pay the price for your sin---as you stand before a righteous judge.

BUT when I stand before the judge---I plead for mercy  ----demand grace ----repeat the promises ---call out to my advocate ---
My sin---it is the lesser sin---I deserve grace and forgiveness--
I forget sin is sin----and though I am forgiven-
the righteous judge allows me to pay the consequences with great love and tender mercy--

Romans 2 


  1. I once served on a jury for a bank robbery..unfort..the evidence was so overwhelming. Unfort..the judical system is overwrought and corrupt (at times). Anyways, the real judgement comes from our Father. There is not one of us who will escape that. Blessings

    1. AND Linda, makes you wonder---did the one charged think their peers would turn a blind eye? Could do an entire other blog on this! Thanks for sharing!


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