Pecking away at the truths proclaimed to the Corinthians's, God reminded me of my small finite human mind.  A recent post here---addressed the whys in our lives.  In my feeble attempt to give an answer to why life can be difficult--painful-devastating---I drew from the words that with suffering we are drawn to God.  Yes--but why does it have to be that way?  Why can we not be drawn to God through the beauty of life?  Why would we not be drawn by the complexity of His creation?

Paul's explanation--His answer to the age old question----WHY?  God's wisdom--is beyond our comprehension.  Our human pea brains cannot conceive of the secret wisdom of The Almighty.  Even Paul---powerful--forceful---wise Paul-proclaimed his weakness, fear, trembling---his lack of wisdom and eloquence--He reminds us of God's power.

He reminded me---what I have often proclaimed--but tend to forget when pontificating---"No one knows the thoughts of God, except the Spirit of God."  My middle child need to fix all things---to offer an explanation for all mysteries--to give you the answers is mere foolishness.  "Who has known the mind of the Lord the he may instruct him?"  

So today I offer to you---not the answers---but instead the promises contained within His Word.  I do not know the why's--what I do know is how life's blows have pointed me to Him.  I do know He has faithfully been by my side and sustained me.  I do know His provision has been sufficient.  I do know the joy contained in the showers of grace which rain down daily.  I am living in the hope of the promises with no answers to the Whys', but in complete reliance on His Good Purpose.

"God's secret wisdom, a wisdom that has been hidden and that God destined for our glory before time began."
I Corinthians 2:7


  1. God does not ask us to understand Him. Only to trust and love Him.

    No where in the Bible does it say "understand God and what he says". Indeed He allows suffering. For reasons best known to Himself. But we should use every incident of suffering as an opportunity to Praise Him.

    We're not praising Him because of the suffering. But because He is still in control of the situation, and, if we trust Him enough, He will turn every bad situation for the good. I have seen this often.

    This book may help:


    God bless.

    1. Thank you for your insight and wisdom, Victor. I will check the book out!

  2. As a mom, (I think I have mentioned this before) I like to fix things..and ask why etc???????? I am often left with the feeling of, "Because, or your not suppose to know why..just continue on." (or something like that)--thanks for a great post..alot to think about/ponder on..smiles

    1. My standard answer when my kids were still in the nest, "Because I said so!" Perhaps that might also be God's response. I trust He knows best!

  3. Hi Lulu! Oh my, I am working on this too. I always want to know whats going on, what's going to happen in the future...and God is not so great at showing his hand is he? I have a post coming up on "Mystery". I do not like mysteries!! I want to know. Which makes me sound like a two year old, doesn't it?

    I love your offer of God's Word. Not answers. Because we so rarely know them anyway. Why pretend? Leave it all to the Lord, and let's enjoy this beautiful summer day. That, I know!


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