The Hood drums have been beating much of the usual this week---lost dogs--found cats--looking for contractors--need to borrow a trailer---HO HUM!

One note worthy tidbit I have failed to tell you is that former Rustonite and legendary Boot Camp Queen---Sharon Jackson teaches one of her Boot Camps in the park right by the cottage.  I walked over one morning to give her a hug, but somehow miss seeing her most of the time.   Ruston's loss---Fort Worth's gain!

This week---EARLY one morning as I gazed on the quiet of the park---all of a sudden a flurry of activity.  Several trucks pull up all at once and out get a group of men and their sons.  Next comes all their equipment---no NOT ballplayers--but men having their own boot camp.  In the interest of learning new techniques, I watched as they pulled truck tires, jumped over huge tractor tires, yanked and pulled---straining massive muscles--sweating--flexing--all for the sake of fitness.  It was pure delight watching their exhibition of manliness---unfortunately due to my failing eye sight in my old age--I was forced to get out my binoculars----ALL for the sake of studying their technique---OF COURSE!


  1. {giggling}--I think I would be just a bystander as well, lol. Getting old is not fun, I have to wear bifocals, now, I ask you, how fair is that at the age of 46? (my good friend Bonnie reminded me my 47th birthday isn't until Match! LOLOLOL)--good grief, failing eyesight, failing body, failing memory, whats next? Might as well put me in the ground. Thanks for the post, oved it!! Blessings

    1. GET READY--your going back to school---will once again be on the cutting edge!!! Expect a change of wardrobe, new vocabulary, and in general an aura of coolness glowing around you come September!

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    1. Thank you, Victor. Hope you know my silliness is all tongue in cheek!

      Blessings to you, Friend!

  3. Never a dull moment around your place ...

    Weekend joys, Lulu!


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