Some habits are better left behind---destructive at times--distracting at others---I have had and currently have my little annoying habits.  There was a time in my life I crunched on ice---it drove a Saint up the wall---never saw a cube of ice that did not need crunching---left that habit behind after breaking a tooth---NOT WORTH IT!  (PLEASE no explanation needed for the why's of eating ice)

I have had the habit of sniffing----coming from a long line of allergy sufferers---I perpetually have a runny nose----I sniffed and sniffed---Momma said I didn't have allergies--I just had sniffles.  Still catch myself occasionally doing it---during allergy seasons---but NOT every day --all day.

Perhaps my habits come from my obsessive personality---or do my obsessions come from my acquired habits?  I strongly suspect they are so closely intertwined there is no way to tell.

I witnessed a habit forming recently that warmed my heart.  Daughter #1 is a wonderful mother to three boys---5  -   3   -  1 1/2  ------Her life is BUSY---but not so busy that she is not instilling important truths in those sweet little ones.  When one requires disciplining---I have many times heard her pray with them at the end of the reprimand.  She always sends them to their room and after a few minutes goes in to talk over what happened and why---at the end of the session--she always prays with them.  I have heard screams and cries---even during the prayer time---"I don't WANT to pray about it!" echoes down the hall--but she gently continues the prayer--even under protest.  She is teaching her boys the habit of prayer---in good times and those times that are not good---she prays with them.  It has been wonderful to watch and see how God has redeemed my attempts at mothering through her better mothering.

A few days ago the 3 year old fell while meddling in the cellar of my house.  I brought him in and she put a band aid on the wound and then as she gently held him and the wounded wing--she prayed that God would heal it.  The 5 year old was standing by listening and watching in concern for Brother.  When she had finished praying, he walked over, put his hand on Brother's arm and said, "I will pray for Brother."  Be still my heart---tears well up telling the story.  His sweet little prayer, 

"God heal brother's hand and bring joy to our family."

#1 Daughter is ingraining the habit of prayer into her little blessings.  They are learning in good times and painful times---go to The Father in prayer---He Hears-and He will answer!  A proud momma moment for me!

If I have to be obsessive----if I have to have a habit----a habit of prayer is the one I choose.

Listen, my son, to your father's instruction and do not forsake your mother's teaching.  They will be a garland to grace your head and a chain to adorn your neck.
Proverbs 1:8-9

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  1. Such a sweet, sweet prayer and gives me shame for hearing the truth from the mouth of babes. You must be so very proud and secure in that she was raised well, very well indeed. What a precious little family. God's rich blessings to you all...


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