We live in a divided nation---and still both sides--I assume---love this great nation.  Today as I finished Romans--I was struck by God's instructions to us concerning the government.  Many do not like our current leadership---but God does not give His instructions for only leaders we are in agreement with.  The instructions are for all ---respect is needed for the office.  Our all powerful God allowed the current administration to be in office--perhaps to shake us awake to where our great nation is headed.  The wonderful thing about a democracy---you have the right to voice your opinion--in a respectful manner.  No good is done by venting on Facebook or to the commentators on the media---Only hard work will change the course we seem to be on---hard work and constant prayer.  A return to the principles this country was founded under will not happen unless we grab hold of the bar--put out our feet and stop the free fall.  

I do not often get on a political soapbox---I stay on my religious soapbox most of the time---but today with the celebration of the birth of our nation tomorrow--it seems important to remind all of us what God has to say in His Word--

"Be a good citizen.
ALL governments are under God.
Insofar as there is peace and order; it is God's order.
So live responsibly as a citizen.
If you're irresponsible to the state, then you're irresponsible with God;
and God will hold you responsible.
Duly constituted authorities are only a threat
 if they are trying to get by with something.
Decent citizens should have nothing to fear.
Do you want to be on good terms with the government?
Be a responsible citizen, and you'll get on just fine,
the government working to your advantage.
But if you're breaking the rules right and left, watch out.
The police are not there just be be admired in their uniforms.
God also has an interest in keeping order, and he uses them to do it.
That's why you must live responsibly-
not just to avoid punishment,but also because that's the right way to live.
That's also why you pay taxes-so that an orderly way of life can be maintained.
Fulfill your obligations as a citizen.
Pay your taxes, pay your bills, respect you leaders."
Romans 13:1-7 
The Message


  1. Well..I am guilty of venting..I think our leaders have forgotton and I pray everyday that they would love, cherish, follow laws, do their jobs and love America. (could go on and on)--I think your right, no matter what party affilation, we all love America..except for some boneheads on tv who say they hate America, how could one hate freedom, the liberty to pursue life, justice etc..everything that our fore fathers fought for? Ok, getting off the matter how much I vent, I trust in the Lord to lead..we might never understand how or why things happen, but I do know, where to go when times are tough etc. (and even in good times)--Blessings--ps what a great post..thanks for making me think.

    1. Ah Linda---prayer---and God---the only answer!
      Happy 4th, Friend!

  2. This is a thoughtful post. Don't ever worry about being political. Everyone has a right to their opinions. Words can't hurt us, only actions do.
    I am going to continue to vent because it is my Constitutional right and obligation as a Christian to do so. Many of us are actually working at guiding our country back to the US Constitution as well by being a part of the TEA Party movement, as our fore fathers did. If they didn't decent or vent, we would all be speaking with an English accent and enjoying 18th century dental care. I disagree that both sides love our country, though. They do not. They love the power that comes from oppressing others (high taxes is one devious way in which this is done). We're actually a Republic. True Democracy is tyranny (mass rule instead of laws). :)
    We're dealing with real spiritual demonic villainy now and need to stay vocal and vigilant, otherwise, all our rights will be terminated in a flash.
    Thank you for letting have a voice too. Hope your day is a happy one.
    God bless. ~:)

    1. Well Sparky---as long as there is action going along with your venting--vent away. My objection is to those who yell and scream---and then do nothing else. Yes, we are a republic---but I remind you of the scripture in the post---we are to respect the office and the government and remember that God allowed the current holder to take power. I firmly believe our nation is paying the consequences of turning from The Father---NOW the question is---what are we doing to turn from this collision course? Praying for our great nation!
      As always---enjoy your comments and LOVE the banter!

    2. Wow Sparky...very well said..not being flippant or anything..I couldn't of said it better..I agree with Lulu too. Prayers..I know you have heard it before..but sometimes, (MOST OF THE TIME!) God doesn't let us in on his little secrets or know hows..we are to trust HIM. BLESSINGS

    3. Delighted with the dialogue--praying for our great country--even when we are not allowed glimpses at the 'Why".
      HAPPY FOURTH, Linda & Sparky!


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