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Tuesday, August 26, 2014



Seriously these guys are TALENTED and GREAT writers!

Brooke Ackley Freeland-a YOUNG Whipper-Snapper--Brooke is here at "Brooke & Freeland".  Brooke was a college classmate of my daughter and her husband was Dr. SIL's best friend and roommate.  I have watched them all grow up--marry--finish med school--have families---and most important grow in the Lord.  What an adventure life has been for them all.  Brooke & Freeland have three children (babies I might add-the oldest is four) and are in the process of adopting.  A gifted writer, Brooke's blog is widely read and loved by many and to top that off she is an extremely talented photographer.  WHEN does she find time to do all of this???  Here is a brief biographical sketch Brooke wrote for me.

Hi, Im Brooke! Wife to Freeland and mom to River, Wylder, and Chapel. I was born and raised in Texas and now live in Ohio for my husband's job.  We love living here and we love the story God is writing for us here too but I cant explain how much I miss Mexican food, BBQ, Blue Bell Ice Cream and kolaches… and all our family & friends too! I love blogging and sharing what the Lord is doing in our lives, I love photography, baking, coffee, and dreaming.  My husband & I are passionate about orphan care and missions. We’re in the process of opening our home to foster kids in the next few weeks with our hope to be able to adopt! Ive blogged since we were engaged and throughout or marriage, moves, and kids here
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

LINDA CONLEY--a mid lifer, Linda is another friend--via the WWW and blog surfing and I found her here at "Just Simply Linda." A Southern belle transplanted to the frigid north---her body may be present way up there, but her heart still rings of the South!  Her style is eclectic and she has a sharp wit and my kind of sense of humor.  Her glib comments ring familiar and reminiscent of my own brand of humor.  Linda is in the process of returning to school---mid-life--and beginning a career!  GOOD FOR HER!  Linda's husband was a Marine, but has suffered health reversals which have led to his disability.  They are proud parents to a 17 year old son--and her honest -but witty comments about raising a young adult--have a ring of truth for most of us.  Linda's bio is-

Just Simply Linda

Is a 47 year old College Freshman, Christian wife & mom, and a Southern Tea Party girl transplanted to the liberal north a year ago. She has been married for 25 years to her high school sweetheart and they have one 17 year old son. The family lives with their German Shepherd in a big old house in western upstate NY. Her head is also filled with useless information, hence the reason for the blog.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

LEN WOODS--beyond the mid life mark--but not past prime is my long time friend BRUTHER LEN!  Len was my pastor before my move and his blog "Typing in Tongues" is found here.  GIFTED---yet again---another talented writer, Len has authored several books and articles.  Communication with compassion would be my description of Len's forte.  A DIE HARD Saints fan---Len has proven with perseverance sometimes the impossible does become possible.  A Louisiana boy with purple and gold roots Len is the one we all stand close to on Sunday mornings--hoping to get through the crowd and get a kind word.  My modest friend Len has this to say about himself-

A Louisiana native, Len is a husband (to Cindi from Indy), proud father, and lifelong New Orleans Saints fan. After graduating from LSU (1980, journalism) and Dallas Theological Seminary (1987, systematic theology), Len has spent most of his adult life in pastoral/church ministry. Along the way he has also been a magazine editor (at Walk thru The Bible Ministries), an award-winning author, and has had brief stints as a chauffeur, waiter, meat grinder, and bookstore clerk. When not writing, Len enjoys coffee or dinner with friends, road trips, waterfalls, and dreaming of Colorado.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

VANETTE HARRIS-my peer--Vannie is like me--we have aged with grace.  Vannie is the wife of a sweet peer and neighbor from my childhood.  She can be found here at "The Journey of Gypsy Rhapsody".  Vannie graciously ghost writes for the Airstream travel trailer "Gypsy Rhapsody" which they have made their home.  A travel log full of the adventures and travels all over this great country of Dave & Vannie as they live the retirement dream.  I am traveling vicariously with them as I read not only of the places they have been--but especially the wonderful people all over this land they have befriended.  Vannie writes of herself-

Author of her own blog site, artist want-to-be, seamstress, kinda-sorta vegan, wife, mom, grandmom, retired teacher…Vanette has discovered that life is all about the journey.  She knows that God has a plan just for her.  After retiring with forty-two years of teaching, she and her husband of forty-seven years sold their home in Lafayette, Louisiana, bought an old “fixer-upper” Airstream, and headed out to seek their fortune.  They have never looked back.  Future plans include a trip to Paris, France in 2015 (not in the Airstream or their budget), so Vannie is working this summer in Red River, New Mexico as a housekeeper for a condominium.  “You just never know where life leads…don’t get caught twiddling your thumbs.”


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