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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


A prophet has no honor in their hometown.  An oft quoted scripture--but one we associate with Jesus.  I am no prophet-but I have been mulling this over since a recent comment was made on a friend's blog.  Her son in law made a sweet comment about the post she had published and I told her it was high praise since it came from her SIL and reminded her of this scripture--her response was the gear starter.  She told me she had been asked to speak to her local church and she said, "No Way".  This blogger is a talented writer with great Godly wisdom--but she is not willing to speak to her local friends.  Why?

In my original comment to her---I told her my family seldom reads my blog--nor do many of who have known me for a long time.  Why not?  They know me too well.  They know my feet are made of clay--they know my faults--they know my weakness--they know my failures.  They see and know me for who I truly am--scars, warts, dirt, and all---they know me.  Looking past the fallen--the not so Godly--certainly not Saintly--sinner for wisdom is difficult at best.  Some may even laugh and say, "Can you believe her!"  

Yes, I have made a mess of many things in my life---I stray off the path---I wander in the wrong direction---I become lost and fearful--but because of grace I am redeemed.  When God looks at me--He sees me through the blood of Jesus--and I am whole--complete--and beautiful and wise--in His sight.   He honors me with His love---What A Blessing!

He himself had said that a prophet is not honored in his own hometown.
John 4:44


  1. Hi Lulu! Hmmm...I wonder who that blogger is? LOL!
    I have definitely felt that those closest to me are not necessarily my biggest support. My SIL is an amazing guy, and I appreciated his words because it's rare that I hear from family about writing. Jesus knows all about that, his family thought he was crazy, and even tried to stage an intervention. Well, at least I don't have that to contend with!

    Let's keep writing and witnessing and speaking out. Who knows how God will use our voices, either in print or the spoken word. We are his servants, and he will direct us to the right road. Yes! To him, we are beautiful and blessed. Good enough for me!
    PS I think your post has challenged me... thank you!

    1. Your unsuspecting nudge to write for me was appreciated. I am asking for guidance on the right road, Friend!

  2. Here is my thought..take it with a grain of salt :)..we are human..we all have one is perfect, only God is. Let me tell you, family will always knock you friends..if they are true friends, they will always be there, etc. Great post..loved it. Blessings

    1. Well, Linda, I do not feel knocked down---perhaps ignored is a better way to say it--LOL!
      Blessings, Friend!

  3. Another saying that applies is "You can chose your friends but not your family." In my case, family (especially the females) has been more of a hindrance to my walk with God. They enjoy deliberately hurting others way too much. Like I was just telling Simply Linda, after the age of 10 years old, I had to cut bait and cast my lines somewhere else. Friends are my family now and I prefer it that way. Good post Lulu. Have a blessed day. ~:)

    1. Oh Sparky, I am sad for you family---they are missing out! It is smart to be pro-active and choose healthy relationships!

  4. Someone once said, actually I think it was me, yes ... probably was me ... anyway ... I once said, and I'll say it again ... Let our Blogs be what Jesus would want to read.

    I don't know whether this has anything to do with your post; but it's all I can think of right now.

    God bless.

    1. I just had a conversation with a dear friend---we commented how we do not realize Jesus is always present in all circumstances---convenient memories.


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