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Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I went to see the movie "Hundred Foot Journey" today and as always came away pondering the deep meaning.  It seems I never take anything at face value, but always look beyond the surface.  I will not spoil the movie for you, but will tell you the undercurrent---embracing change while clinging to lessons from the past.  

Life is filled with change---some have more than others---but none of us remain in a bubble of sameness.  Our children grow up, our grandchildren grow up, jobs change, retirement happens, moves are made, our health declines, some leave us, and on and on.  It is the "Circle of Life".

My thoughts centered not on the changes that happen to us all, but on how we embrace those changes.  How we continue on down the path when change happens. Do we march forward or become mired down in what has been?   What is God's desire for our reaction as life slowly evolves as we march down the path?

I reflected upon Ruth and her reaction to all the changes in her life and how she reacted.  Faced with the loss of her husband and no children, Ruth could have returned to her family and tried to do it all again--the same.  Instead she embraced the change and declared her loyalty to her husband's remaining family.  She chose to move to a foreign land--leaving behind the familiar.   Reaping from the lessons of faith learned in her marriage, she chose to follow Naomi and listen to her wisdom, even in finding a new husband.   She was obedient. 

I desire to be true to who I am, but also accept the circumstances and changes of today.  Take the lessons from the past and use them in walking the path of today.  My life does not look today as it did a few short years ago---but God has a plan for the remaining days.  I pray I am able to embrace the change with the wisdom from the past in obedience to His direction.  

"Don't force me to leave you, don't make me go home.
Where you go, I go,
Where you live, I will live.
Your People are my people;
Your God is my God."
Ruth 1:16-17


  1. I personally believe change is a good, my husband, forget it. Since having his strokes, that thought process is difficult. ANYWAYS--great post, yet again. Thanks for the thoughts and the smiles today. Blessings

    1. Linda, good for you--understanding the difficulty of change after your husband's strokes. I will pray the change of you attending school will go smoothly!
      Blessings to you, Friend!

  2. Like most things, some change is good, others are not. I tend to be a luddite with electronics but others things I tend to roll with the punches. ~:)

    1. Well Sparky--after looking up what a luddite was-OK! I also am an electronic luddite! Thanks for my laugh for the day at my stupidity!

  3. Have you heard Ruth's song? Here it is:

    God bless.

    1. Thank you for sharing, Victor. Beautiful!


  4. I wanted to add..and I forgot to finish my not easy for someone is who chronically ill--and very difficult on caregivers..we have (my son and I) learned to just roll with it and pray..ALOT..thank you Lulu..I don't think I will have difficulty, I am at a diff. stage in my life now..Blessings

    1. I so admire your spirit and courage--you are my hero!
      Bless You and Your Son!


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