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Thursday, August 14, 2014


Unless you know me really well, you do not realize my secret television obsession.  I do not watch much television these days, but occasionally in a weak moment I revert back to old habits.  I love to watch emergency room and surgery reality television.  I KNOW GROSS!  Consider this--it is my shark week, mountain man, dancing with the stars, idol, what to wear----I like blood, guts, needles, scalpels.

When my Kindle ran out of juice, I was forced to watch a hour of high drama television tonight.  For once I saw the value and did not think I wasted those moments.  

There was a woman whose heart stopped while in the emergency department during the show I was watching.   They pulled out all of their tricks--pushed all of the bells and whistles.  NOTHING---Flat Line.  Somehow her husband got past all the closed doors--- needed codes---and locks and walked into the room where they were working.  He asked could he put his hands on his wife.  Amazingly the doctor granted his request, I suspect he had given up all hope by this time.  He walked over--placed his hands on his wife's head, bowed his head, and was silent---the entire room was silent.  After a few moments, he backed away and began to leave.  All of a sudden her heart beat returned -with no medical intervention going on -her heart began to beat and her blood pressure began to rise.  Miraculously she was brought back from death with no medical magic happening- after he prayed for her.  The doctor was even flabbergasted and had no medical explanation.

A miracle--perhaps--the power of prayer--perhaps--my theory-the power of love and prayer.  I strongly believe in the power of prayer.  Having been prayed for I have experienced the power of intervention and supplication, I know it works.  Combine prayer and love and it is powerful .  What a gift to have someone who loves you and that also knows the power of prayer.  Miracles do still happen--you must believe though--and NEVER doubt the power of love and prayer.

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.
II Timothy 1:7


  1. I have a aversion for Mountain Men, Counting Cars, Deadliest Catch, Food Network, and a few others..anyways..yes, the power of prayer is something one can not explain. I do believe my son was prob. watching what you sounds similiar. (wink)--Great post..Blessings

  2. Linda---#1 Son & I are on the same save length--MANY miles apart! I KNOW I am weird--does he?


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