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Thursday, August 7, 2014


How many days have begun searching for the purpose--the  meaning of this yet another day?  As the awareness of awakening slowly slips into my consciousness, before I have managed to pull my eyelids apart, after telling the Father, "Good Morning", I go through my internal calendar--deciding what the day will hold.   Those days when I have no plan, no duties, no set agenda, I push my panic button and  deep anxiety begins over the waste of valuable time. 

I lamented recently with a dear friend my current struggle with my mission--what God wants me to be doing.  It is not only difficult--it is almost excruciating for me to sit and wait--to be idle in the moment.  Driven might be an apt description of my personality.  A day spent with no purpose of mission--no service--a quiet day of reflection leaves me with ants in my pants and almost visibly twitching.  My foot is popping back and forth and my entire leg is shaking with pent up energy and no where to focus it.  

Today's devotional addresses Paul's voyage to Rome.  When we read through Acts, we are cognizant of how God takes care of Paul in this journey, but all Paul is recording is the journey---a travel log.  Paul was following in obedience--totally unaware of the eternal consequences of his actions.  He got on the boat---

I was reminded listening to the devotional-- everyday---I wake up loved and go to sleep loved.  God does not need my busyness--He is a POWERFUL God.  He allows me to serve Him at times, but the bottom line is He does not need any of us to accomplish His will.  What I have accomplished in my waking hours is not what is important--the only thing of significance is HIS LOVE!  All I need to focus on--all I need to do---is get on the boat--each and every day in obedience --and patiently wait for His direction to my Next Right Thing.  JUST GET ON THE BOAT!

As soon as the arrangements were complete for our sailing to Italy, Paul and a few other prisoners were placed under the supervision of a centurion named Julius, a member of an elite guard.  We boarded a ship
Acts 27:1-2


  1. Love, love this devotional. How very true..

    for the first time in years, I bought a cute pink dayplanner..I do believe my days will be filled very soon..actually, starting on the 20th, I have 3 days of mandatory filled activities at school/college. And for the first time in a very long time, filled with a little anxiety.

    What a great thoughtful post. Thanks Lulu. Blessings

    1. Take a DEEP breath---you are going to do great! No distractions as when we were 18---only the joy in learning!

  2. My days where once planned down to the hour. Now that we are both retired, I'm enjoying not having to be somewhere. Bad thing is our only social life is doctor's appointments. *lol* I think the lessons of Paul are always the best since he is our Apostle to the Gentiles. I worry sometimes that I'm "burning daylight" and not getting God's work done too. But, you know, maybe it's good not to plan too much. We're just suppose to get out there and live a life of Light (Jesus) in this world of darkness. Doing His work is being kind to someone who needs a couple of pennies to finish buying groceries, a kind word to the discouraged, a smile to the lonely, a lift to a Doctor's appointment for the elderly, etc. This is Jesus reaching out to others so they may know Him too. Guess what I'm trying to express (poorly as always) is allowing ourselves to be accessible to the lost so they feel like they can ask "Who is Jesus and how can I be saved?" 'Least, that's my take on witnessing. ~:)

    1. AND a WONDERFUL take it is--exactly SPOT ON! Thank you for the reminder to keep my eyes and ears open to all those opportunities he places in my path. Retirement is GREAT!

  3. If we want to make God laugh, we tell Him our plans!

    His will be done!

    God bless.

    1. Amen, Victor! I need to get out of His way!

      Blessings to You!


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