Did I get your attention with that title?  One of the guests I have had this summer introduced me to the reality show "Naked and Afraid".  I do not watch television much, so imagine my shock to discover a show with two naked strangers dropped off in a remote location in hopes they can survive for three weeks----man versus wild.  NOW for those of you--like me--who are naive---not to worry--they are fuzzing out the bare facts.  Well occasionally you see more than necessary of the rear zip line.  We watched two episodes that night and I got the gist of the show.  With no clothes, two tools (usually a fire starter & a machete) the two complete strangers meet for the first time sans clothes and try to survive the elements and dangers for the 21 days.  WHO thought this up?  NO NEED to worry---if I try to get on the show--it will be a sure sign I have gone over the edge.

I found my mind wandering off while watching.  Adam and Eve were naked--but not afraid. They lived among all the wild beasts in perfect harmony with no fear. As long as they were obedient and stayed away from the forbidden fruit, they had no shame--no consciousness of their nakedness.  OH--but who could resist that which is denied--you can have it all--except this one tiny thing---BUT I want it too!  I have to have it all--I NEED that apple.   BAM fear entered the world. 

Fear and shame --fraternal twins -born in quick succession after that first bite.  Unleashed to roam an unsuspecting --innocent world --with a unquenchable thirst for the blood of the disobedient.   The cloud of negative hovers over us waiting for our next transgression--our next slip--waiting to cover us in the dark haze of fear and shame.  We hide behind our transparent cloak of disclaimers, but there is no protection for our sins are completely visible as we stand naked before The Father.

Thank God for His provision of the cloak of righteousness to cover us in grace.  A cloak of great price---but freely given with great love and compassion.  No need to be naked and afraid any longer--He wipes away all shame and calms all fears--if only we seek Him.  Naked and afraid or wrapped in grace--the choice is ours.

He answered, "I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid."
Genesis 3:10


  1. Gosh, I hate these stupid TV shows they keep dreaming up. That you've redeemed one today is amazing. And so appreciated on this end!


    1. Oh Linda, God can use anything--even the bizarre to teach us. Further reason I read a great deal with the television off!

  2. Ugh, can't stand that may whiny post, as usual. Great references and how you tied it all in. --

    My son said something out of the blue the other day: "Mama, have you ever thought about this? You come out naked and you go home (Heaven) naked when you die. You come into this world naked and you go out naked. For people to think they won't be judged or have their lives accounted for, Mama, everyone is going to be judged! No one is going to escape, God knows all even if you cloaked with clothes on." Hmm..thoughts to ponder...but so true.


    1. Don't you LOVE it, Linda --the moment we KNOW we have raised thoughtful and insightful kids! He is VERY wise!

      Bless you, Friend!


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