Seldom do I feel the need to give you warning---but all that is being thrown around lately on Social Media has stirred my heart.  I am purposefully limiting my time on the WWW---it becomes a distraction and thief of precious time.  My limited time though has produced a common theme---Blessings.

Post after post of how blessed we are.  How God in His great love has rained down blessing after blessing around our heads.  Yes, I totally agree we are blessed--beyond measure.  The truth of the Gospel message has nothing to do with God blessing us with wealth, possessions, success, or any of the worldly measures of worth.  The Gospel message is pure and simple---

We are sinful
We could NEVER do enough
He loves us
He sent Jesus to us
Jesus died for us
He paid the GREAT price
By our admission of this,
calling out His name,
and turning to Him
His GRACE rains down upon us.

When we start relying upon the distortion of the Gospel that because He loves us dearly--we are blessed---and all the good things of life will be showered upon us-----We are setting ourselves up for a HUGE FALL!  Even worse those who do not share in the bounty of blessings---who are struggling with disease, pain, loss, financial burdens, and even death are lead to believe He does not love them as much.  Surely if He loves them---these things would not happen---Look at your life---You have been good---obedient---and He has richly blessed you.  He must look with more favor upon you. "Our circumstance does not dictate our outcome." Shelly Giglio

CAREFUL---VERY CAREFUL---look at the truth of the Gospel message--the  promise is  His love and Eternal Life--through Jesus---STOP!

No guarantees of anything else---life will be difficult---life will be hard---at some point---search The Word---even those after His own heart---suffered--death, loss, betrayal, old age---the world threw it all at them.  When hard times come--and they will---all you have left is The Truth---and The Truth is more than enough.

I am pondering on this---perhaps God will reveal more and I will post--but for the moment---God's GREAT LOVE for you is the Gospel Story---NEVER mistake your abundant blessing with his favor when it comes to the Good Life--in fact--HOLD ON--as you grow--as you mature as a Believer---Difficulty will come.

For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;

Romans 3:23


  1. So, so true! Jesus said, 'Pick up your cross and follow me.' All of the apostles died a martyr's death. How many people we know who suffer, yet their trust is in Jesus, not in their circumstances. It is such a distortion of the gospel to think that if we just had enough faith we'd be healthy, wealthy, and wise. Worse yet are those who think they've somehow 'once they've joined God's team, God is obligated.' Such dangerous theology, yet so prevalent among today's evangelicals. Some are called to suffer, some are called to die. Jesus is worthy, and brings joy unspeakable and full of glory - despite our circumstances.

    1. As I grow in faith---I KNOW to hold on for the road is going to get bumpy. Thank You for stopping by and commenting!

    2. Good observation as usual. I too get the feeling Christianity ala Facebook is sometimes Christianity Light. It is as if it has been reduced to platitudes and generalities without the warnings rebukes. I am not sure if this watered down version is to entice the unbelievers or an attempt placate ourselves so we can do things our way. I must admit there have been times when I read a posted scripture I feel was placed there just for me.


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