A sickly child---until I was around my early teens---I was a regular patient of our wonderful country doctor---who -SHOCK-  made house calls.  My rear must have resembled a pin cushion I had so many penicillin shots.  Long before the days of mandatory school attendance, I would probably have been held back multiple years if those rules applied then.  One stint I remember vividly was the mumps.  One side for a week and then the other side the next week---so sick I could not eat.  The flu was an annual visitor--pretty much anything going round--came for a visit.

Momma was not pleased with my weakling genes.  She was convinced I was unhealthy because I basically ate almost nothing. The long list of what I did not like stretched to town and back---while my likes were short and mainly starchy. I am living proof you can survive on peanut butter. Never conceding defeat--she enlisted the help of vitamins --and supplements---always liquid form---nasty liquid form.  I distinctly remember the cod liver oil --fishy and slimy--slowly  running down my throat--leaving a film of stink and yuck to taste for hours. 

 Her favorite--go to was Geritol.  


Who knew they still make this!  Geritol --made famous by television advertisements of the day --I believe for the "Ted Mack Amateur Hour".  I AM SERIOUSLY dating myself.  ANYWHO---at that time Geritol was a large percentage alcohol.  Momma gave me a dose every night before bedtime--HOW CONVENIENT!

As an adult, I have taken handfuls of vitamins and supplements.  In an effort to promote good health---strengthen my mind and body---and live a healthy life.  Gave all that up some time ago--only taken calcium with D now since I have osteopenia. When I finally discovered eating right would do the trick and the swallowing of large doses of the other only leads to expensive urine--I became free of this expensive obsession.

Meanwhile---I find myself at times weary----tired and weary---with my get up and go having got up and gone.  It is not a physical weariness---but a spiritual weariness.  The world saps it out of me.  I feel like sitting under the broom tree and gasping for breath.  So many problems in the world---so many friends struggling---so much sickness---so much loss---I am burdened to the point of exhaustion.  I am in need of spiritual tonic---a shot of Godisall--a reminder of where my strength comes from and Who is in control.  A large dose of time with Him and His Word--all the vitamin/supplement/tonic I could ever need.

Seek the LORD and His strength; Seek His face continually.
Psalm 105:4
Seek the LORD and His strength; SeePsalm 105:4


  1. Oh Lulu! "expensive urine"...that had me laughing, must be my nurse genes!
    I remember the commercials for Geritol. (I also remember the take-off SNL did on it!) Your mom must have been really worried about you. But cod liver oil? Cruel and unusual punishment! I'm glad you found your way to healthy eating as an adult.
    Godisall. Great label. You have such a way with words! So clever! Yes...give me all of that! I want to be cured of my spiritual exhaustion too.

    1. I find myself so weary---seeking strength from the only true source, Ceil.
      Blessing to you!

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