Life has begun to whirl again here in "The Hood" .  Thankfully with the advent of October, I am off the hook of keeping a perfect yard all the time with the removal of this sign.

My tendency to go over-board went into over-drive with the pressure of the announcement to the entire hood via the huge sign.  I am now back to doing the puttering when I feel like puttering and NOT cringing over judgement anxiety.

The Ebola Virus being present at our back door has caused quite the stir.

This month's Hood Newsletter included a full page informative write up.  Dr. Son-In-Law has explained all the steps being taken in the ER to prevent exposure.  My Calvinist leanings have surfaced since I truly am not concerned--when it is my time--it's my time.

Perhaps I should be more concerned about the SWAT team who converged on The Hood today in search of a fugitive who was holed up on the next street. The park is full of a fully armed police force and meanwhile I am sitting in the Bungalow totally unaware of any danger or threat.  Ignorance is bliss?  Reminder to self--keep the doors locked!

Actual Photo Posted On The Hood Chat Room Site

Halloween is upon us and this young man and I began practicing our jack o lantern art this week.

The Hood has a BIG Pumpkin Carving Contest to be judged the night before Halloween.  The report is Halloween is a HUGE deal here in the Hood with more kids than you can shake a stick at coming into the Hood to collect goodies.  I purchased $50 of candy today---if not enough--I will resort to pencils!  I have the perfect idea for a jack o lantern, but need some carving help---would anyone care to volunteer?

Finally I made the sad discovery this week that I am a snob.  All these years, I really thought I did not have a snobbish bone in my body---Turns out I was wrong!

One of my sweet young neighbors stopped and chatted while I was in the yard this week.  She got around to telling me she would really like for me to meet her single dad---AWKWARD MOMENT!  Stuttering and stammering for a few seconds, I replied, "I am older than you think I am."---DEFLECTIVE COMEBACK!  Her response, "That doesn't matter."  RAPID SUBJECT CHANGE!

The truth is---I am not interested UNLESS your Dad has God first in his life.  How do you say that and not give the impression you are judgmental?  I know what is most important in my life and have no desire to be in a relationship with anyone who does not have the same priority.  I have MANY new friends here in FW who are not Believers---women friends--who I freely share my beliefs with, but it is quite different when you begin a relationship with a man for the obvious reason of where that relationship could lead.  So my confession is---I am a snob when it comes to the potential of any male-female relationship.  Thank you--but No Thank You unless we are on equal spiritual footing will have to be my response.

As Garrison Keillor so eloquently states:
And that's all the news here in The Hood, where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking and the children above average.


  1. "I purchased $50 of candy today---if not enough--I will resort to pencils!"

    Do they make edible pencils now? That's novel !

    There's nothing snobish in not wanting a relationship with someone who does not believe like you.

    God bless.

    1. Well Victor, I do remember chewing on pencils while searching for answers during the LONG ago time of being in school. The only trouble is they are not digestable!

      Thank you for the confirmation!

      Bless You!

  2. First, Lulu...I must be nosy, because I like to see the inside of your house. 2. AND your not a snob, that is a requirement here as well. My son doesn't date much, he said and I quote, "She has to be a Christian." 3. We are not doing Halloween this yr, as moving day is the 31st. 4. Loveeeeeee the pumpkins, the grandbaby, and the porpcupine. 5. The other day, there was a young man standing in the middle of the street yelling obcenities (spelling, sorry)--just your typical day in NY, LOLOLOL. As for the popo (that would be police, lol), they rather harrass us dog owners than do their jobs, lololol.

    Have a great day Lulu..thanks for the smiles. Blessings

    1. Well Linda--as soon as I get off my rear--I will take some pictures and email them to you. Would not want the entire world to know what the inside looks like. If you were not in school, you could come help carve this jack o lantern--as it stands now--it will not get done!
      Enjoy your weekend, Friend!


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