I had an entire post written---words upon words --waxing philosophical--trying to give you a word picture of volunteering at UGM.  My second shift of volunteering was tonight and I walked away deleting that post-
and this pouring from me heart-

The Fact Is--

I will never again walk in the door of my sweet little bungalow without thinking of the face of the homeless

I will never walk into my own personal bathroom and not think of those who must share---with virtual strangers

I will never stand under the shower enjoying the hot water until my skin prunes and not think of those who may not have the luxury of a shower everyday

I will never wash my hair, and not think of those who walked by me with hair matted to their heads since they have no home, no shower

I will never open my refrigerator and stare wondering what I would like to eat and not think of those who eat what is put in front of them--when they get to eat

I will never start my car and not think of those I saw walking from long distances for the opportunity to sleep in a dorm room full of others

I will never turn on my air conditioner or my heater to keep the temperature perfect and not think of those I saw sweating or shivering--braving the temperature extremes

I will never gaze into my closet with indecision about what to wear and not think of those who carry their entire wardrobe in one plastic sack.

I will never turn on my alarm system after locking my doors and not think of those who live in fear with no protection.

The fact is the sweet children I work with are victims of poverty--the mothers I saw want the best for their children---and that is not living in a shelter with no home.  It is heart breaking to know 15 minutes from my home there is another world--the world of the homeless.  When I crossed the border after the gate was unlocked, I entered a foreign country--a country I was totally unfamiliar with.  I have began the journey of learning about this foreign country and the fact is--I will never be the same.

But if anyone has the world's goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God's love abide in him? Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.
I John 3:17-18


  1. could not have been said better of the disparity we take for granted. As you minister to them, do not feel guilty only blessed to be a servant to the body of creation that God's so very much loves, and he selected you to the fulfillment of , " if you have done it unto the least of these my sister, you have done it unto me"...... be blessed as you go and do unto.....

  2. we are very fearful of this type of this post as it is "too close to home", most would rather shower, eat, dress and be comfortable and pretend, I know, cause I are one!!!!!! Your challenge even if beneath the radar, is to reflec, acknowledge, then react and minister to those all around us. We don't have to give it up, just acknowledge it and let God place us and use us for his glory and his kingdom.... thank you for pointing out this magnificent time of being his and being used by him.....

  3. Great post!!! When we lived down south, we often volunteered at the shelters and food lines...and let me tell has left a mark on us that can never ever be explained...however...your post is the most heartfelt and true...things are tad bit different here up north...however, Thanksgiving is fast approaching and we will be signing up to help with that...I wish more young people would get involved....Bless you dear friend.

    1. Would love to hear of your experiences also, Linda! It is impossible to explain how an entire different world lives right next door, isn't it?

      Blessings to You Sweet Linda! ENJOY your weekend!


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