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Thursday, October 16, 2014


There was a time in my distant past, I never missed an episode of "The Andy Griffith Show".  I was intrigued by the village of "Mayberry" and all the townspeople who lived there.

We spent a night in Mt Airy, NC  aka Mayberry while traveling.  Like most places--time has not stood still.


Floyd retired a LONG time ago.

Juanita gave up on Barney and moved to Greener Pastures.

Wally gave up the ghost when a Convenience Store popped up on every corner.

All that seemed to remain of that gone-by era was Andy's car.

And a sweet statue of a story remembered.

I sometimes still watch the reruns of the classic.  Grabbing on to the memories of a simpler and what seemed easier time in life.  The truth is, I was raised in a Mayberry---many of us were.  Small town--rural living---where everyone knew everyone---the doctor made housecalls---the grocery and pharmacy made deliveries---and the church was filled every Sunday.  I am proud of my rural roots and remember with great fondness my childhood home and friends.  I easily slip back to the twang in my voice which came naturally when surrounded by twangs during those formative years.  It was a good time---one of the best of times---and it is gone--except in my heart---it forever lives  there.



Then they all went home.
John 7:53


  1. It takes a village, a community, a culture ... they just change over time, yes?

    1. Yes, Linda---so blessed to remember those days of my past with warm memories!


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