Dear Santa,

It has been a LONG time since I asked you for anything--but this year--I'M BACK!  I know how heavy your bag must get with so many wanting so much--but Santa---I ONLY want this ONE thing-


NOW SANTA--is that not the cutest thing you have ever seen in your life???  There does seem to be one problem though, Santa, he has a brother and it seems to be so cruel to separate those boys--don't you think?  So perhaps you should bring his brother along also.

Well Santa there is one cause for concern . I do not have a goat pen--so maybe you could also bring along a little house for the boys? It would be cruel after all to not have them a house.

Then there is this one other obstacle for this small gift you are bringing - the city ordinances will not allow me to raise goats in The Hood.  So Santa--perhaps I will also need a ranch--for after all- the goats would really be much happier living on a ranch.  Nothing big or ostentatious---I could even live in the barn with the boys.

OH and perhaps I would need a vehicle to transport the boys--you know they would never fit into my Camry.  So since they are pygmy goats-a small truck should be adequate.

Well and there is one -teeny tiny- more thing.  I might need some help with my new livestock--so perhaps you could bring me a couple of stock hands too.  I prefer rugged good looks, if you don't mind.

So Santa---I just want this ONE thing for Christmas.  SURELY that is not too much to ask.

Love You, Santa,
Your Favorite Forever Little Girl


  1. Lulu!!! (giggling)---you have def. made my day!!! (the following is NOT meant to say your being silly)--You must have a ear here, as we were just discussing "Santa" and what would I like....it does get quite silly around here this time of the year....I will never ever get a gift from Tiffany---never a blue box, but it is fine to dream isn't it?---you have def. made me smile....what a lovely request. I also woudl like a "ranch" farm whatever it is called....and raise cows, pigs, chickens etc, however, I think the good Lord has us where he wants us.

    Thank you dear friend for a lovely post. Blessings

    1. OH Friend---life lesson---NEVER say NEVER! I have eaten every never I EVER said! SO perhaps---you NEVER KNOW!
      Happy Saturday!

  2. Dear Santa,

    When you have finished delivering all these presents to Lulu; I'm sure she deserves them. Could you please come round our house and mow the lawn? The grass is so high, I've just discovered at the end of the garden the lawnmower we bought last year. What's worse, my wife was still standing there trying to cut the grass.

    On second thoughts, forget all that. Just deliver the goats to me and they'll do the job.

    We can share a beer or two if you like.

    1. I may fly to England so I can sit with you and trade outrageous stories for a few days! Your sense of humor is GREAT! BUT I hear you Brits drink your beer room temp---so I will have to pass on that!

    2. Would be nice to see you in England. We do drink cold lager (light beer). And even cold Guinness.

      Meanwhile let's share outrageous stories on the Internet.

      Thank you for your painting critique suggestion. Will research it soon. I've responded on my Blog.

      God bless you always.

  3. You crack me up, girl! I needed to laughthis morning ...


    1. Balm for our battered hearts--laughter!
      BUT HEY---I am serious I really WANT ALL OF THAT--now needing it is another issue!
      Hugs Back Attcha!

  4. Haha. What a fun, fun post!! :-D I feel a bit like that about a few Yorkshire/Scottish Black Face Sheep. Hope you get the goats AND all the accoutrements. lol

    1. Well Judy--I actually raised sheep during my younger days--including Black Face's! Sadly I am not holding my breath in anticipation of Santa bringing my wish granted, but it was fun dreaming!


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