I am AWOL from The Hood for a few days.  My sweet friend has called for help following her surgery.  FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE TO THE RESCUE!

My time to escape to "Fantasy Island" for a few days as I play my leading role in "General Hospital."  Clara Barton and I will take our traveling Red Cross and administer emergency (well no it is not an emergency) aid to the sick and dying (No she is not dying--but allow me some publishing leeway).

If you know me well--you know--my illusions of medical grandeur.  I am well known for my ability to pontificate on any and all medical issues.  The fact that Dr. SIL rolls his eyes and snorts each time I lecture on dreaded diseases and injuries is a slight technicality to be ignored.  I learned from some of the best--including Nurse Ratched.  My friend will be glad to know my Electrical Shock Therapy machine is on the blink. 

After HUNDREDS of episodes of "Mash", Nurse Margaret Houlihan has inspired me to administer the finest care---with great wisdom---and compassion to anyone who will dare to volunteer to be my patient.  UNLIKE Nurse Houlihan---I do NOT have "Hotlips"!

So I may be off the grid--not linked in---unreachable by the WWW---away from my keyboard--as I pull my medical intervention duty.  It will probably greatly resemble Patch Adams--when all is said and done!  It is a WIN-WIN--I get to play doctor and the patient gets the misfortune of my limited knowledge!


  1. You just know how to make someone smile...thanks...come back when you can. Blessings

  2. Hi Lulu! Just your presence will be healing I'm sure of that. God bless you on your way to becoming Clara Barton :)


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