There are some who claim to have the "Second Sight".  They claim the ability to see visions beyond the realm of eyesight---a great distance away or in the future.  We have all followed cases where a missing person is searched for based upon the information garnered from "A Visionary".  How could one see beyond their field of vision?

Then there are the gifted who look at a blank page, canvas, mound of clay, slab of marble--or any other medium and have a vision for a great work of beauty they will capture.  Truly amazing for me--since when I see a blank piece of paper---I have the need to fill it with words.  My artistic ability was thwarted in the first grade when I flunked coloring due to my inability to stay within the lines. It has been downhill since then.

I have quite a few really talented friends who are amazing seamstresses.  They look at a piece of material and visualize a dress, a curtain, a quilt, a bonnet, or some other beautiful creation.  It is a wonder to behold to see a flat-lifeless piece of material become a gorgeous evening gown. 

I do have the "Second Sight" when it comes to a yard.  Given enough assistance and money--I can turn your garden into a work  of art which flows with the changing of the seasons.  A rainbow of color, texture, and sounds--pleasing to every sense.  When you look at the empty yard--you see dirt--I see soil.  Dirt is a nuisance but soil provides opportunity.  It is entirely in the eye of the beholder.

So it is with mankind.  We look upon some members of the human race and see a vessel filled with hopelessness, poverty, ugliness, and yes--dirt.  God looks upon the same vessel and sees opportunity--for hope, for love, for service, for compassion, for a future.  We have the limited vision of what is before us--which is often not very pretty-- He has the clear vision of what we could be---if only we give Him the control over the blank canvas.

Yet you, LORD, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.
Isaiah 64:8


  1. WELLLLLLLLLLL....I can tell you...I can't even use a ruler, however, I can walk into a home or store and "know" when something is out of place and how to fix it (whatever it is called-Feng Shui). I once had a friend tell me to go to design school, lol--can't even draw a straight line!---anyways--we all have talent, or whatever it is called. GOD shows us on his time, not ours. Blessings


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