Did you know that "Risk Management" is a business concept?  A concept studied in any business degree, here is what Mr. Wikipedia says about it-

Risk management is the identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks (defined in ISO 31000 asthe effect of uncertainty on objectives) followed by coordinated and economical application of resources to minimize, monitor, and control the probability and/or impact of unfortunate events[1] or to maximize the realization of opportunities

That should have made it perfectly clear for all of you!  Many courses of action come with risk---risk of failure--risk of loss--risk of "unfortunate events".  There is an entire field of study dedicated to the science of measuring the amount of risk tolerated to maximum results (realization of opportunities).

I listened to Chuck Swindoll this morning speak of our reluctance to step out of our comfort zones and take a risk as we age.  He hit the nail on my head.  As I have aged, I have become much more careful in my physical activities.  I often say, "I cannot afford an injury at this point in the game."  So I forgo--jumping -- in my Power Pump class, I have not snow skied in a number of years, I am abundantly cautious while hiking in the mountains, and my biking is now on a stationary bike.  In the back of my mind, I am avoiding injury which with age is much more difficult to recover from.

I find myself reluctant to walk into yet another room full of strangers--risk of rejection.  It takes great courage to walk up to a complete stranger and introduce myself-risk of judgement.  I even find reluctance to insert myself in a discussion--risk of being found wrong. I agonize some days over my opining--risk of no readers.   My aversion to risk has short circuited me grabbing opportunity for fear of the "unfortunate event."

Some of my most wonderful memories involve the willingness to take a risk.  Stepping out of my zone of comfort into the land of adventure has lead to wonderful memories and great fun.  When I step away from the safety of the known and embrace risk, I grow and learn and expand my boundaries.

Perhaps this aversion to risk comes with age, but there is no reason for this to happen.  My challenge is to "Go for the gusto" and "Grab the bull by the horn"--live life to the fullest while riding the crest of the risk involved.  No need for foolish behavior and caution is not an entirely bad thing---but OH how sad to miss the joy of the unknown blessing, because of the fear of the possible risk.  

When all is said and done---I want to have said and done it all!

The LORD is my light and my salvation-- whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life-- of whom shall I be afraid?
Psalm 27:1


  1. When I was in business in London I often had members of my team who felt intimidated to speak in public, or express views in a group because of risks of rejection, judgment or ridicule. I explained to them that they have every right to have an opinion on any subject, as long as they can back their views and opinions. The fact that someone else is more senior than them, of higher rank, or whatever, does not meant that they are right, and my staff are wrong.

    Life is full of risks, real or imagined. Risks are good for us because they make us think and assess what we are to do.

    Don't ever hesitate to write or opine here, Lulu. You know you write sense.

    God bless.

    1. Well, Victor, I seem unable to keep quiet--so there is no danger of not writing.

      Thank You for your input.


  2. Yep...how I can relate!!! Great post, thanks for the smiles. Blessings

    1. YOU--are the QUEEN of jumping out there and taking a risk!


  3. I'm an engineer and we use risk management all the time. It's not a question of not taking risks. It's a question of understanding the risks and managing them.


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