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The final day of every year normally brings a long post about what I have done-learned-seen-yada yada yada the past year---HO HUM!  I have PLENTY to say on all of that--BUT to keep from boring you all to tears--are even causing carpal tunnel whiplash from the knee jerk pushing of the delete button--I will graciously change the subject.

Somehow in this day of changing technology--I discover I have become a social media conglomerate.  The scary part---I have NO CLUE what half of these are-do-or mean.  When I ask questions of those nearest and dearest to me, I get evasive answers and sometimes a look that says, "You could never possibly understand so why bother."  In my grand delusion that someone might care to read my muses and learn from my opining, I have spent hours researching how to get it all out on the WWW.  Turns out--you must use social media---ALL OF IT!  Even if you have not the foggiest idea what you are signing up for---get on board.  

Well if you are reading this--you must know I am in the Wide World of Blogging!  HERE is the dirty little secret you may not know---I have another site that has been created---MY OWN DOMAIN!  That is a BIG DEAL-  NOT!  I have grand illusions of creating my final blog title--after three other titles to date.  Trouble is---I am frozen in cyberland in a state of "What's Next?"  The name is the simplest of the hurdles to jump--then you have the page construction--other pages to construct--the format--the links--on and on.  It was easier to write complex college papers on the intricacies of the Internal Revenue Code!  So here I sit writing on the same format--hoping it might be read.

SO you MUST have a Facebook page to link back to your blog to increase your readership.  Something tells me the more than 1000 who have graciously agreed we are friends may not be looking at my FB page--much less linking back to my blog.  The fact that only 200+ wished me Happy Birthday was a dead give away.  WHAT kind of friend are you to miss my Birthday?  OH--you don't look at Facebook all day-everyday--WHO KNEW!

Then there is #Twitter---HASHTAGS DRIVE ME OVER THE EDGE!  Life has become a series of events which are now summarized in hashtags.  WHO even thought up hashtagging?  SO the trick is to link my post to Twitter with hashtags attached (I ALWAYS forget to link--much less add the hashtag).  Once again--we all are linked together with our Twitter Accounts to keep everyone current on our latest moment of clarity.

Then there is Instantgram---to date I have posted two pictures on Instantgram--one of which Son #2 posted for me in an effort to teach me how to do it.  He FAILED in his mission!  I cannot remember to make a picture half the time--much less get it on Instantgram.

OH YES---Google PLUS----WHAT THE HECK IS GOOGLE +?  I have asked--the best answer I got to date--"It is another tool of social media similar to Facebook."  I am a registered member--but beyond that I have no clue.  If we are in the same circle--trust me---I am a total circle of confusion when it comes to what we are supposed to be doing.

And Then there is Linked In---a site dedicated to Professional Contacts--I am retired--WHY would I be on there?  They have invited me to publish on the site.  I am pretty sure that means "Professional Articles"--BORING!  Thank you to all that Linked up with me--now what do we do and if I missed your work anniversary--please forgive me!

LAST but probably there are more I am forgetting is Pintrest.  I have pinned my writings on my boards--occasionally.  I have loads of boards--but once pinned--out of sight-out of mind.  I do not spend much time perusing Pintrest--although when I do I marvel at all I see.

SO---with all this and a couple of email accounts, I could find myself on the computer all day everyday.  Meanwhile life goes on around me and I am not smelling the roses or feeling the joy while staring at a screen.  I feel a New Year's Resolution coming on.

Something tells me I should re-evaluate my LINKING UP!


  1. OK, I just spat out my coffee with laughter!!!!!--I have no FB, no Pinwhatever, no Twitter...just Blogger and I can't figure out Blogger Plus for nothing. SO, thank you very much, I will just stick with coming here and keep my one and only email. (oh oh, I just lied, I have a school/college email--but that is strickly for school, wink.) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Here is to more blogging for you and me. Blessings

    1. I am away from home & on a friends I Pad---ONCE AGAIN I am clueless what to do next!

      HAPPY New Year FRIEND!

  2. Blessings as we head into the new year together, us un-tech savvy sisters! I'm sticking with blogging and saying no thanks to all those other venues. I want to have a life that's far beyond this keyboard. Too much screen times numbs my soul.

    Hugs, dear friend. Thanks for doing life with me this year!

    1. I am so confused! Technology!

      Happy New Year Friend!


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