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Monday, January 5, 2015


As a writer, I feel I have hit a home run when I post a blog that receives the 
most comments.  It is a grand slam when the comments run pro and con!!  The past 5 days have been spent in the home of dear lifetime friends.  We spent hours talking--discussing--agreeing and disagreeing.  I love every minute as these discussions always sharpen me--cause me to think--work to bring further spiritual maturing.  We all need someone in our lives to keep us on our toes.

While I was with them, I posted THIS after one of our discussions.  It created a stir and some very interesting comments, on the blog as well as on Facebook.  Unfortunately, since I was away from my computer, I was not able to respond to each and every one of you.  While thinking this over and further discussion which came from your comments, I believe we need to stay with this subject of "The Church" until we have gone a little deeper.

The discussion began because of my quandary as to what I should do with my disappointment over "The Church".  As written in the first post, I finally made the complete circle and realized-I AM THE CHURCH.  My finger became firmly pointed at my own breast.  I do not have a solution, but I now have a direction.

God intends us to be in community.  In the early New Testament church, this community consisted of Home Churches.  I have friends who are members of home churches today.  As we talked over the idea of home church, the most significant question was accountability.  Who could disagree after the last few decades that accountability is always a good idea?  The temptation to place ourselves in the position of the ultimate authority, when we are not looking at least to a contemporary for clarification, is too great.  Iron sharpens iron--and we are not God--and need to be reminded of that!

One of the well taken points during our discussions, was the need to find a church that fits.  There is a very good reason churches come in all flavors and sizes--we are all individuals and one size and flavor does not fit all.  In my lifetime, before my move to the big city, I had made a slow progression from a very small church to a medium size church of several hundred members.  I moved to the big city and jumped into a mega church.  This may have been a less than wise move.  I love the teaching I am hearing--BUT mega churches are very easy to get lost in.

Some of us enjoy the anonymity of being lost in the crowd.  No one to corner you and ask you to volunteer for something you do not care to do. I have spent a lifetime trying to assuage the guilt from saying "NO".  That little two letter word is the most difficult word in the English language for me to get out.  Guilt and my need to please tie my tongue in knots when I am asked, "Would you?"  I KNOW there is nothing wrong with saying "No", but because of Who I am--it is extremely difficult.  I say "Yes" and then gripe, complain, and whine---NOT God pleasing for sure.  In the HUGE crowd of the mega church, very seldom am I approached since I am invisible.  However, we are all called to serve and with anonymity we are tempted to only be spectators.

SO---I AM THE CHURCH---YOU ARE THE CHURCH---our challenge is to find the community of believers that is the right size and flavor.  God intends for us to be in community--my charge is finding where He intends for me to be.

Although we spent hours talking all this over, there will only be at least one more blog on this subject---tomorrow "The Weak Link".


  1. Lulu, I have no problem with reading or discussing this issue, I find it very blog on. We have 2 Baptist churches here in this small town (and since we are Baptist), one is ultra liberal- acts more like a Catholic church with their ceremonials (and since I was Catholic, I know what that is) and the other...I just don't know. Just having a hard time fitting wasn't the is the teachings. We go to church to hear the Word, not get political or whatever. Now, I can tell you, since my husband holds "church" in our home, we have lively debates and very much into the Bibilical meanings. I just can't explain it, it was a concensus between us 3 about attending. When we lived down south, we lived and breathed the church and all it had to offer. Here, it is just different...hard to explain. ANWYAYS--getting off the soapbox. I went back reread the first one and saw Victor's comment--boy did he hit spot on. Thanks for taking that step to usher in a hard topic to discuss, and I really do mean that...I always enjoy reading and coming here to visit. Blessings--P.S. I love the pic you posted...we don't see that here--up north--people raising their hands etc...maybe that is what is missing...the excitement for the Lord.

    1. So glad you are enjoying the conversation--I am too! More coming tomorrow. Yes, I have been known to throw my airs toward heaven---it is a good thing---UNLESS--I happen to be driving down the road!!!!

  2. We go to Church to visit God, not the building, not the congrgation or the priest. Some of us believe that we receive God in our souls when we receice Communion in the form of the Body and Blood of Christ.

    That being said, I'll admit, there are some churches, (and priests), who seem to have lost their way somewhat. I am truly sorry if some churches have made you feel alienated. At least you have your Blog friends here. Praying for you, Lulu.

    God bless.

    1. Thank You, Victor. It is not necessarily the fault of the church. I have my finger firmly pointing right back at me! God has richly blessed me--in the cyber world and the physical world with MANY wonderful Godly friends. I cherish the fellowship with you all!

  3. Personally, I've given up on the alleged church. I don't think God has had anything to do with it for centuries. Most churches seem to only be concerned with how much money they make and how they can boss others around. Church is in our hearts and minds. Husband and I worship together at home. If I want companionship, I'll get another dog. I witness on my own, be kind to others, read the Bible and go from there. I hope you find a place to fit in though. I understand how some need that weekly reminder. Have a blessed day! ~:)

    1. Well Sparky--come back tomorrow. We will discuss the problem I see with the church. Thanks for being open to sharing your perspective and what you have done.

      ALWAYS glad to hear your voice!

  4. Hi Lulu, You asked me a question in my Cranberry Morning post today, and since I had no way to contact you (your email is not linked to your blog) I decided to bury it here in an older post. You asked if I was a Calvinist. I hate putting labels on myself simply because the label Calvinist conjures up (in so many uninformed minds) the image of a harsh God who is making some people into Christians and shoving others who are begging for his mercy, aside and refusing to listen to them. Of course, this is far from the truth. God is eager to forgive and save any who call on him. I'm curious to know which of the tulip petals you're having trouble with. I could at least give you my perspective - for free. ;-)


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