I have spent most of my "Exercise Life" being the weak link.  I always seem to be in the back of the pack.  After all those years of running, I could recognize my friends from the back much quicker than face to face.  I became quite good at analyzing gaits---all from bringing up the rear.  My gift to all the runners in the world--finishing last---I AM A TURTLE.  Remember turtles do finish!

While hiking --I am stopping and looking at the view--smelling the wildflowers--savoring the experience.  Between my sight seeing and always being in the poorest physical condition, I keep the title of the "Weak Link" every summer while on our annual adventure.  The only reason these superior examples of physical condition allow me to go along is for comic relief!  The important thing is that I always finish the hikes--and make every step the others do--seeing the same sights--I am just slower.

The fact remains--a chain is only complete when it all is connected-the WEAK LINK is a vital and important part of the chain.  If the weak link comes off the chain--it will be shortened and the effectiveness of the chain will be decreased.  SO the Weak Link contributes the vital function of connecting the strong links on each side of it and allows the chain to be even stronger and more useful.

We have spent the past two posts discussing "The Church".  I have been amazed to read all the comments on The Blog as well as Facebook.  It seems many are disappointed--disgruntled--and even disengaged from The Church.  I hear the pain in your comments and would never diminish your truth.  I can only give you truth as I understand it.

I have become a Weak Link in the church.  I am disappointed, but not in The Church-but rather in myself. By dropping out--letting go--I have allowed the chain to diminish in effectiveness.   Church was intended by God to be our community.  The size of the community you "live in" is an individual choice, but we need others. We were not created to live in isolation but in different forms of community.  I need to either determine how to link up with the church I am attending or find a place where I am able to link up.  I need the community.  I live alone--my family are all grown and gone--there is no opportunity for being in Godly community--unless I find "A church" to step into. The "Bride of Christ" is the church--it is time for me to determine how to once again establish my identity as "His Beloved Bride".  NOT to say--He does not love me beyond my wildest imagination--but to remember His Words about "The Church".

I do not attend church to "See God"--He is all around me each and every moment.  I believe iron sharpens iron--and the fellowship serves to grow me, encourage me, stretch me, and give me opportunity to serve in community. The purest worship I have ever experienced were moments alone when savoring a view of the grandeur of this world He created.  BUT-We are promised when two are more are gathered in His name---HE IS WITH US!  What a blessing to stand in the fellowship of Believers and KNOW HE IS THERE!

At Least one more post coming---THE PROBLEM---I cherish your comments and pray we all grow and learn as we discuss this important topic. 

For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.
Matthew 18:20


  1. Well...I can tell at our home...the problem is us. How's that for a truth? ---I will wait to see what you post to comment any furthur,wink. Being the weakest link, my friend, is something I believe we all go through. Another great thoughtful post. Blessings

    1. AH---Friend---truth for you may well be truth for us all! Not through with this topic--two more posts! I have hit a nerve and some are in great pain!

  2. I hear you, Lulu. There seem to be seasons where we need to step back a bit, to re-evaluate, to aim to hear God away from the noise of church politics and problems.

    And then, that call, that yearning to be back in full-fledged community with other broken people just like us emerges loud and clear.

    Thanks for exploring a tender subject, friend.

    1. Two more days of discussion, and then I am done. Still asking Him where do You want me?

      Always love hearing your voice, Friend!


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