I seem to have hit upon an exposed nerve for many!  I saw an article HERE concerning the very reaction many seem to now have to "The Church" and came away even more alarmed.  WHAT IS THE PROBLEM WITH THE CHURCH TODAY?

To begin with--this is NOT a new problem---it is as old as original sin.  Everyone get ready---put your pointing finger in the air-ready to point-and turn it back toward your own face.  WE LIVE IN A FALLEN WORLD!  We ALL are fallen.  Our tendency is to place ourselves on the throne---and expect everything to revolve around us--our needs, our expectations, our desires, our theology, our opinions-


We are so accustomed to placing ourselves in the center of the universe--we do not even realize we are doing it.  THAT is NOT what God intended "His Church" to look like.  I Corinthians 12 describes the vision God has for Community.  It is a beautiful picture of living in a symbiotic community.  All for one and one for all is an apt description.  In a paraphrase--the least is held in as great as honor as the greatest. Paul gives us a perfect picture of the delicate interweaving of individuals, who are all gifted in different ways, to create the unique body called "The Church."  Oh that we could achieve this glorious community here on this earth!

We have failed to do so--because of our fallen state.  The question I ask myself, "Is this cause to abandon the plan God has for us?"  I can only speak for myself-and my truth is not your truth---I MUST find community.  He has cause for His desires for me--and who am I to question this?  Obedience sometimes comes at personal cost and sacrifice--but also always comes with His blessing.

It distresses me to know how many have been injured by "The Church."  It distresses me to know the disappointment and disenchantment felt by the masses when looking to "The Church".  It alarms me to read large numbers are falling away and concerns me for the future.  I am not so distressed, disappointed, disenchanted, or alarmed that I am ready to throw in the towel.  God has a plan--God is all powerful--He is perfect--and His will --it will prevail-with or without me along side doing what my God conscious tells me is right.  

Until He calls me Home--I will continue to seek the fellowship of the Community of Believers--referred to as "The Church".  One more post on this subject tomorrow and we are done.

Now you are the body of Christ,
and each one of you is a part of it.
I Corinthians 12:27


  1. Ouch...that article truly hit the nail on the head, so to speak. I have saved it and will show my husband later. Alot of "me" or "us" in that article, alot of reasons, alot of naysaying, alot of making excuses. We were discussing this yesterday, and the excuses we make etc. My husband said, "Linda, I just don't feel the good Lord is pushing me to join or keep going to that church." We had attended that church for nearly 9 months--one day, I commented that we were just playing--or it seemed like it. I truly don't know the reasons or whatever you want to call is what it is. HOWEVER, after reading that it hit home. Thank you dear friend for bringing this topic back to the fore front.

    On another topic, Lulu, were you affected by the earthquakes? Keeping you in prayer...

    1. No--my life seems to tremble and rumble a lot everyday. I live one block from the railroad and 2-3 blocks from a toll road that is being constructed--so I shake, rattle & roll a LOT!

      As for "Church", I am asking for guidance from Him. The ONLY answer to the unanswerable questions in life!


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