This little man---knows NO fear.  He will try ANYTHING once.  He has been climbing and going down the highest slides since he could walk.  If he sees his big brothers try something, it never occurs to him that he might not be able to follow suit.  He is on a mission to try.  Sometimes he is met with failure--but most of the time, he continues to try and eventually gets it done.  He needs watching every second he is awake. 

Serving something new for dinner---he will put it in his mouth.  Unlike biggest brother who announces YUCK! without even knowing what it tastes like, this one will try anything.  If he doesn't like it, he promptly spits it back out---hopefully a hand is in the vicinity to catch the mush he spews out.

He never meets a stranger and "Heys!" one and all.  Not be be deterred by someone ignoring him, he will continue to "Hey!" until he gets a response.  Sadly at times, I have to divert his attention, when rudeness allows another to ignore this sweet boy!

I could do with a BIG spoonful of his courage, sense of adventure, and willingness to take a risk.  What have I missed by not striking up a conversation, my unwillingness to go alone, my fear of the unknown, and the anticipation of rejection keeping me from putting a foot forward?  What wonderful adventures, fascinating people, unanticipated surprises have I missed? 

The Little Man is teaching me---now to put those lessons to work---

The LORD will keep you from all harm-- he will watch over your life;
Psalm 121:7


  1. Fear really is an enemy that keeps us from living life to the fullest - in many, many ways. Good post.

    1. Yes, Judy, we forget Who our Protector is! Thank you for dropping by and reading today's post!

  2. So true what you say, Lulu. We often fear to take the first step in case we get it wrong or others might not approve. I like your posts because they are so forthright and honest. You really taught me a lot.

    And your quote from the Psalms is so apt today. I have seen it happen in real life so often. Today even.

    God bless you Lulu always. Praying for you.

    1. "Fear NOT for I am with you!" over and over--until we live it, Victor!


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