I have quite a few letters attached to my name---some I am proud of--some that came with the gene pool--and occasionally a surprise from left field!  This weekend---I drove to New Orleans from Fort Worth for my sweet niece's wedding.  The plan was to drive to Ruston and ride with my brother and his wife--but plans are made to be changed--via 5 inches of snow/ice and brother getting the flu. 

SO-early Friday morning--I hit the road to make the 560 mile journey to join in the joyous celebration.  When you have 9 hours of alone time--in a confined space--you may learn a great deal about yourself----ACCOMPLISHED!

I openly admit to my mental diagnosis of OCD---it's not all bad---but I thought I was on the right side of the crazy bar---turns out I was WRONG!  I seem to be suffering from MPD induced by nine hours in crazy traffic.

The day began with my being near normal--as close as I ever get and then I hit the DFW rush hour traffic--approximately 5 minutes into the trip.  NO--I kept it together---Miss Nice Person--please you go first---"Oh Yes I will allow you to zoom around all the rest of the waiting traffic and break in--I am sure your time is much more precious than any of the others---so PLEASE you go first."  My "Play by the rules" personality was front and center.  OH---we all like this person--she is so nice!  Obey all the laws and rules WITH a smile on my face!

The day wore on and I began to wear down and who should show up but the game player.  Brought on by mile upon mile of boring-flat country and lighter traffic--this person likes to find a target in the distant horizon and play catch up and pass.  I find my foot becoming heavy and the little needle over in the red zone.  The need for speed and to be out front play out as the Grand Prix of I-49.  Miss Nice Person has morphed into Miss Competitive.

As I begin to see the sights of South Louisiana--alligators, swamps, bayous--I can only think of all the delicious food I am going to enjoy.  And THEN--I hit Baton Rouge Traffic.  Louisiana is a poor state and the road infrastructure has been out-grown-with no funds to expand--Baton Rouge since Hurricane Katrina is a quagmire.  Miss Cool Calm and Collected became slightly irate--out of patience and muttering under my breath.  After 30 minutes on the Mississippi River bridge in stand still traffic, Miss Out-raged made her debut.  I sit totally alone in the car carrying on a tirade against all the traffic engineers as well as the lame drivers.  Who knew I could rant and rave with the most obnoxious?

At long last---the Super Dome is in sight--and the thoughts of unfolding as I emerge from the prison cell my little car has become are keeping me from pulling a Dukes of Hazard's move and flying over the edge of the interstate.  THEN--I hit downtown New Orleans traffic.  Miss Over The Edge who is an hysterical, babbling maniac has turned me into someone I do not recognize.  Thirty minutes later after sitting at 3 different lights while they change multiple times with very little forward movement, I no longer recognize myself.  By this time, I am ready to leave my car in the middle of the road and walk to the hotel.  

FINALLY--I arrive at the hotel--Miss Over The Edge hands the keys to the valet and WAA-LAA Miss Nice and Normal re-emerges.

Perhaps if I refrain from driving more than a couple of hours--Miss Nice and Normal will keep the others at bay!  BUT the GOOD NEWS---what a joyous and wonderful weekend with my loved ones as we celebrate Amanda and John's wedding!  We all---the entire package of me---loved every minute of the weekend!

Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger; for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God.
James 1:19-20


  1. I Loved This Post!!! It shows us for what we are Human Beings with all our faults. Love Thy Fellow Man as we are commanded to do is easier said than done. I think we have all been there the "elderly driver" obeying all the rules and driving at a sensible speed while the rest of the road complains. Consider getting a "dog" as a traveling companion they do wonders for the nerves (LOL) besides they love us unconditionally even with our faults.

    1. It is amazing the person I can become behind the wheel! One of the few times I loose my cool! As for the dog--maybe someday.

      Thank you for commenting, Ronny!

  2. Giggling...gurlllllllllllllll you have made me smile! I am one cranky bear and you just cracked that veneer! Thanks gf! Blessings

    1. Now that made my day--I love to make you laugh!
      Bless You, Friend!


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