I have spent most of my life being the navigator.  From the days of paper road maps which required an engineering degree to fold--much less read--until "Sweetie"-my old Garmin GPS.  Today I have slipped over to the pilot's seat and find myself alone in the cab of the plane -I MEAN-car.  This means I have to navigate and pilot--thus the need to learn how to use the map app on my smart phone.  I fought going there--but after a few episodes reminiscent of the Israelites wandering in the desert--I bit the bullet.  I am proud to say---I have mastered this app and as long as I keep the volume of the music down--can actually hear and follow instructions.

Living here in Fort Worth for almost two years, I have become slightly cocky and know just enough to make me dangerous.  I tend to not always listen to the nice lady in the phone as she gives me directions.  When traveling to New Orleans this past weekend, I decided I needed to avoid all the high over passes after our 4-5 inches of snow and ice.  Traveling an alternative route through the city to avoid all these bridges, Miss Lady In The Phone kept telling me the error of my way.  At each and every intersection, she would calmly tell me how I could get back on the right track.  She never became outraged--never screamed--never raised her voice--never felt the need to degrade my navigational abilities.  She just kept on trying to get me back on the shortest route according to the computer.  Programmed to keep me on the safest and shortest route, The Lady In The Phone is for my well being--not to frustrate or confuse me and she is unfailingly always a lady.

As I drove to New Orleans, listening to the instructions, I began to think of the other Navigator in my life.  He knows what is best for me, He knows the paths I should take, He has the plan that is perfect for this path I am on in life.  He also is unfailingly a Gentlemen--LONG on patience--Never short--Always loving as He gives me direction. Even when I go off on an unplanned detour or not such a safe route, He hangs in there with me and keeps pointing me back to the correct route.   If I could just learn to listen and avoid thinking I know the best path, life would be much easier--and even during those difficult detours He is always right by my side navigating and guiding as I go along the way.  What a blessing to have Him pointing the way.


God will show me the path of life.
Psalms 16:11

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