It is the time of year when school begins to wind down and the days are filled with activities, celebrations, and special treats to mark the successful end of another year.  One of the annual milestones endured enjoyed is "Field Day".  A day long burst of events and games for all the children to participate in with the great spirit of whining  competition and team building.  This past weekend with "The Little People", I began to notice everyday all day is field day in their lives!

A great variety of struggles competitions are enjoyed by them throughout the day.  While the games may vary from day to day, there are some that are visited on a daily basis.  For example-

50 yard dash--this is enjoyed numerous times during the day.  The dash may be to the road as they make a beeline for the traffic, to the fence as they make their escape, to chase the dog who someone "accidentally" let out of the back yard, or during a walk when one spots the drainage ditch.  This fun event never fails to give a quick jump start to a lethargic heart beat!

Obstacle course--this cannot be participated in until the course is set by dumping out various plastic soldiers, Lego's, plastic figures, blocks, and numerous other small and sharp items  The point is to get through the room house without injury in the least amount of time to prevent one from injuring the other when they begin tusseling.  Points are added as objects are added to the course.

High jump--the only equipment needed for this competition is the couch.  With the increase of difficulty, the jump earns more points.  For instance, if you merely jump up in front, that is a low point earner;  flat foot jumping the higher arm rests, begins to add points; and finally vaulting over the high back and diving into the cushions earns maximum points--especially if you avoid hitting the coffee table.

Biking-this is revisited several times during the day and the more bikes/riding apparatus you drag out, the more points.  Additional points for style seem to be given for leaving the wheeled vehicles in unusual spots and tucked behind cars.

Wrestling-this event reoccurs several times during the day with each form of wrestling practiced.  Points are determined by how long you can hold down your brother before someone comes to break the hold and rescue him once he begins screaming.

Synchronized swimming-there is less synchronization and more splashing involved in this event as 3 men in even a large tub is not a good idea.  Points are accumulated based upon how much water is out of the tub and on the floor at the end of the event.

Marathon--for the adult--gate keeper--child watcher only---IF YOU DO NOT BELIEVE IT IS A MARATHON FROM 6 in the AM until you threaten them with bodily harm if they get up one more time at 8 PM with NO naps---I invite you to come play!

WHAT FUN!  I came home after 48 hours of Lulu duty and collapsed into a wet noodle state.  After my two hour coma, I am ready to go yet again when field day beckons!

He will yet fill your mouth with laughter, and your lips with shouting.
Job 8:21


  1. This is great...been there done your writing.

    1. Right back attcha, Vannie! Looking forward to hearing ALL about your latest adventure!

  2. The Land of the Lilliputians is an active place! I don't think my heart couldn't take that anymore, I know my nerves couldn't. Glad you're made of sturdier stuff. Hope your day is a restful one. ~:)

    1. It slips up on your slowly, Sparky. First there was only one--and then 5 years later there were 4. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN??? Had the 2 littlest ones at my house today--No rest--lots of fun!

  3. What a lot of good fun. I bet they keep you fit.

    God bless them, their family and YOU.

    1. They definitely keep me running, Victor!


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