The two year old who lives with "The Little People" has decided to drop his nap.  Since the little monkey can climb out of his bed, there is no answer to this dilemma short of a straight jacket (for me).  Both of his older brothers discontinued napping at this age.  The REALLY sad thing about this is---his mom and I (when in "The Land of the Little People") would LOVE to have a nap!!  Even a 15-20 minute power nap would be great--but a good hour of exploring the intricacies of the back of my eyelids would be a bonanza.  It seems I need this nap only when visiting them--could have something to do with getting up in the dark and going non-stop until lunch.  SO--the young are given every opportunity and encouraged to nap---but do they take advantage of it---NEVER-

These Little People have boundless energy---full speed ahead all day long -everyday.  You might ask what do they do with all of this energy? Dig holes where holes were not meant to be, place themselves into danger and peril by climbing where they are not meant to climb, undoing what you just spent hours doing, dragging out that which was just put away-AGAIN, antagonizing their siblings, and running from the place they are supposed to be -to name just a few.  Here I am in need of just a short burst of energy to get this yard back into shape, get that floor down for my grill, and numerous other projects I do not have the energy to list and am so worn out from chasing them I collapse in a heap.

And then there is their metabolism which is the speed of lightning.  They burn off calories faster than they can shovel food into their mouth.  And with this super speedy metabolism, what do they choose to eat---chicken nuggets, pizza, and peanut butter/jelly sandwiches--exclusively!  Here I sit with the taste buds of a food snob and the ability to cook gourmet meals fit for a king and the metabolism of a snail.  A nibble can turn into thunder thighs!


I could go on---but there seems to be no point.  The eyesight--the hearing--the strength, the ability to learn...  We seem to never appreciate the gifts we are given in our youth--until we have lost them in our maturity.  If we only knew then, what we know now--but alas no reason for crying over spilled milk---it would result in one more mess to clean up.  Truly it is not wasted--they may be misdirected and uninformed, but there is no waste on our hope for tomorrow.

 "All people are like grass, and all their glory is like the flowers of the field; the grass withers and the flowers fall,
I Peter 1:24


  1. So like God... to give us WAY more than we recognize or appreciate (and one day, the eyes to see). Good stuff, Lora!

    1. If we only could have do overs---NO FORGET I SAID THAT!
      Thanks, Len!


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