There needs to be an on/off switch connected to my brain--for when I get turned on---there seems to be no way to switch it off!  Some thought-idea pops in my head and I am OFF to the races.  Analyzing-over-analyzing-but NEVER under-analyzing--I look from every angle and view point---seeking answers.

I have been thinking over my prayers---my time talking with God.  NOW-before you point me in the direction of ALL Great Wisdom---I am NOT looking for answers--suggestions/comments are welcome--but truthfully I am putting on this page what has been rolling around in my head--in an effort to search for clarity.

When you ask me to pray for you, as long as you are asking for something which lines up with The Word, I pray.  I have found--my solution to my short term memory problem is pray as soon as you ask me.  Now some things remain on my heart and I pray on-going prayers--bombarding heaven for you.  But the shame of forgotten prayers I promised has forced me to come up with a solution--and immediate action is the solution.  So if I tell you, I will pray, feel confident within moments you are lifted up.

In an effort to pray within God's will, I try to not list each and every trivial request which has no eternal consequence, but is rolling around in my wish list.  God loves me and cares about the details of my life--but praying over what I should cook for supper seems a bit extreme.  

BUT--am I limiting God by not asking for those things which I desire and line up with HIS will as told in HIS Word?  Do I not ask for the desires of my heart, because I am fearful of the answer?  Is it possible I put limitations on my expectations of God's greatness by not taking certain requests before Him out of fear?   Does my unwillingness to hear a "No", because of my propensity to sit upon the throne, cause me to not come clean with God?  AS IF HE DIDN'T ALREADY KNOW!  

PLEASE somebody turn the switch off or throw the breaker---My own shallow definition of the greatness of the God of the Universe ---is disappointing and my switch needs to be reset--

Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us, - 
Ephesians 3:20


  1. Girl PREACH! This message is for ME. I totally feel you and I really needed this today

    1. I believe you know exactly what I am speaking of, Julie! God is God & we are His creation- sometimes we reverse that order!
      Blessings Sweet Friend

  2. Lulu,

    I get the impression there is more here you are not saying. If you wish to discuss off-line you have my e-mail address.

    As parents, we sometimes give in to our children and grant their requests; especially when they pester on and on wanting something. We do this partly because we give in and mostly because we love them.

    God loves us more than we love our children. And He does listen to our requests/prayers and often responds to what we are asking.

    Christ tells the story of the widow who pestered the judge so much that eventually he gave in to her request. Christ taught us to pray and ask for our needs; and encouraged us to do so. He prayed often to His Father.

    We can pray for our needs and for our wants. God knows the difference and answers accordingly. The switch you speak of, which is constantly in the ON position, could in itself be a prayer you are not aware of.

    God bless you. I am praying for you.

  3. Perhaps my over active thoughts are a conversation with God, Victor- Good Point!

    And yes there is always more than what appears on the surface!

    Blessings, Friend & Thank Tou for your prayers!

  4. Victor and Julie are right on point...preach it, sista' (there goes that southern twang again). My dad has always said, "Linda, you have way to much useless information in that head of yours. You have to find a way to calm it down." Hmm...I wouldn't categorize praying as useless---but there are many things rolling around up there...I already know the good Lord preach it on, sista'. Blessings

    1. If it's up there it has robe for a purpose -Right??
      Blessings, Friend!

  5. Dearest Lora, you know this has been a topic that has permeated my entire mind, body and soul for a while. I am still seeking answers but one thing I have ascertained... God is GOD and He can do whatever, whenever and however He wishes, but I know that He loves me and knows my thoughts and needs and desires and everything He does will be for my good whether it is easy or hard. So, I just talk to Him like a best loved friend but in a manner of awe and reverence. If I say I will pray for you, I do. I might not beat on the doors of Heaven but I know that God knows my heart.. Sometimes we get so caught up in the "rituals" of prayer that it stunts our prayer life, so I just talk to Him. Much easier to worship that way. Love you much.


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