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Monday, September 7, 2015


My intentional absence from social media has brought to surface the realization social media has become my anchor line to not only Ruston--but in many ways to what is happening in the world today.  It has been an interesting few weeks trying to abstain from my WWW addiction.  In the light of truth, I must confess, I have slipped and looked for brief moments.  A great deal like a child sneaking around doing what they know they are forbidden from-I would sneak in for a quick peek and then flee with guilt written all over me.  Why?  There are no "Sticking To Your Word" police lurking around checking my every move.  Who--but me---cares.  There you go---I CARE---I care that I cannot seem to stay "On The Wagon."  I care that I lack the fortitude and determination to do what I said I would.  I care that I am weak and have feet of clay and even disappoint myself at times.  I care that my social life has clearly become defined by social media--NOT social contact.

Thankfully my daughter kept me abreast with the "Big Happenings" in the world.  Which lead to her telling me about the latest media scandal concerning the---"Ashley Madison Website".  As we talked this over, we agreed, it is one thing to sin---but to purposefully set out on the course of deceit and adultery--defies explanation.  And what is it going to take for people to understand---there is NOTHING hidden on the WWW.  The delete button only causes it to disappear from your view---sort of like closing the file drawer--the file is hidden from view when you close that drawer--but the file is still there--it did not disappear.  It NEVER truly disappears and there are really no secrets on the WWW. Highly secure and impenetrable websites are candy to the hackers eye. Ask Hilary Clinton.  Playing with fire is dangerous and you will get burned if you get too close.  The footprint of your trails through the WWW are forever etched and if anyone cares enough--it can all be traced.

As I understand there was a LONG list of those who wanted to "Play" on the website.  But of course--most could care less who was on the list---UNLESS you might know them---OR they were someone who purported to live by a higher standard.  Nothing works to make us feel better about ourselves than to point out the failings of others.   The sad truth is---the world is sitting ---waiting to point fingers at Christians--especially---and say---GOTCHA!   We hold ourselves out to live in the footsteps of Jesus and follow His example of righteous living.  For this reason---we are watched---examined--and quickly condemned when we not only don't follow in His footsteps, but can't even find the path.   Our propensity to muddy the image of Jesus delights the fallen world around us.

 This is not intended to be a condemnation on anyone---but rather a reminder of our responsibility.  Why do you suppose God desires us to live by His precepts and commands, even though we have freedom from The Law?  His desire is for us to live life abundantly and joyfully.  In this Fallen World, it is difficult to live according to how we say we will.  We slip up---we take a peek--at the forbidden.  We fall short of our goal--BUT the power of redemption is always right at our fingertips. The strength of the Gospel is the message of grace poured out upon us when we turn from the intended defeat of The Enemy.   

So what did I learn from my sabbatical?  To quote a man of GREAT wisdom, "There is nothing new under the sun."  Life rolled along--even with me disconnected.  The Enemy is hotly pursuing the downfall of those who call upon The Name of Jesus.  We all have feet of clay and even disappoint ourselves more than we care to admit.  AND

that God loves us beyond reason---in spite of it all!

What has been will be again,
    what has been done will be done again;
    there is nothing new under the sun.
Ecclesiastes 1:9



  1. So GLAD you are back! You have been greatly missed! I go off for a week or two and feel completely cut off from the world. Isn't it funny how the enemy uses something as simple as social media to get us distracted from the voice of God, even though we are using social media as a tool to spread the gospel? I am grateful for your example and I am looking forward to some good insight and beautiful words to spring forth from your time of "silence"!

    1. You are always kind and sweet, Julie.
      Bless You!

  2. Social media and the WWW is as good as how we use it.

    To spread His Good News ... or not to.

    God bless.

  3. It's nice to have you back on 'the web'. This is another excellent lesson. True wisdom about how to live rightly comes from trusting Jesus and reflecting His goodness. I pray that all of us may be able to do that so that others may be brought to Christ. Sorry I can't come up with more, brain is fried from a long ride (hey, that rhymes), but this was a worthwhile read. Thank you for sharing this encouragement.
    Hope your day is blessed. ~:)

    1. Thank You, Sparky! I have missed it--but have learned a lot while away! I always told my kids--the answer is ALWAYS--JESUS! Can I get an AMEN?? Glad you got to enjoy this day celebrating labor with a little fun!


  4. Hi Lulu! Welcome back! I know I missed you, but I knew you felt very strongly about cutting out social media.
    It's a good lesson to learn that the world keeps turning, with or without us. And to be reassured that God loves us...what else is more important than that?
    Taking breaks is so important, just to realign and examine where priorities are. Sounds like you wanted to challenge yourself too. No one is perfect, don't feel like the only one who has trouble keeping up with personal pledges. We all do our best, realizing that we need Jesus!
    Happy Labor Day :)

    1. AMEN, Ceil! Happy Labor Day to You Also! Good to be back on the WWW!
      Blessings, Friend!

  5. YAY-HEY!!

    You're back, girlfriend! My you were missed. Sounds like lots of lessons learned, plenty of insight gained, your soul strengthened. A break from all these screens can do that ...

    Looking forward to reconnecting again!


    1. MISSED YOU, FRIEND! Yes, it was a good break--NOW--to keep it all in balance as I move forward!

      Hope you are well, Sweet Friend!


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