When reading a book on my Kindle, there is a meter that tells me what percentage of the book I have read.  When I get to the 75% mark, I usually think----"The Final Chapters".  The last 25% of the book can make or break it!  Let's face it---even if the first three quarters were page turning delights--if it does not finish well--it is a bomb.  Those last chapters can also redeem what has been a lack luster tale while plowing through the first 75%.  Those last chapters--those final pages --are the lasting taste for the entire story.  Bitter or sweet---or perhaps bittersweet--every story leaves an after taste for the reader.

Have you ever been to a funeral and wondered who in the world they were talking about as they gave a glowing eulogy? The words are so far fetched you become convinced you are in the wrong chapel, as you listen to the distortion of the truth.   What stretch of the imagination was being used to describe the person whose reputation clung to them like stink on a skunk?  No flowery words and slick presentations can disguise the truth of who we are.  In the final hour, the truth will prevail---in the minds of those who knew us well.  

Today begins the final title change for the posts to come in my blogging journey.  It has been quite a ride with this being the fourth and final name change since the birth of my first blog in 2007.  I never dreamed eight years down the road my life would look so different.  What began as a chronicle of travels and training with my running group, has morphed in to  chronicles of life and all God has taught me.

I only discussed the impending name change of my blog with my daughter.  She looked at me and said, "That's sad".  I beg to differ---life has not been all sad and nor do I expect the last chapters to be either all sad or all happy.  Writing about it--will hopefully keep me on the right path.  The end holds no sadness for me beyond leaving behind all that I love so well.  The journey I began when turning to Jesus will continue--and it will be even more beautiful as I cross over.  What a glorious moment that will be when I step into the presence of Him!  So--NO this is NOT a sad blog--this is a blog filled with the joy of the moment and the anticipatory joy of the future in the next realm.  Sad--No---Hopeful--AND Filled with peace which comes from the assurance of when this earthly book ends--I look forward with great anticipation to the sequel to this earthly sage in the heavenly realm.

We are not always able to chose how our final earthly years are spent, nor do we have the option of how the end will occur.  What we do have complete control over is how well we will live those final years.  We can opt to live in a narcissistic haze of self indulgence and self absorption--or we can select the path of service, love, and joy.  Our final epitaph can be a celebration of "Well Done", or "Ho Hum"---we are the writer of the script for the final performance.

A peer recently commented on the perils of mid life.  I asked them, "How long do you intend to live?"  The truth of the matter is my life is more than 75% over.  Stick with me---help me make these final chapters the best chapters.  Encourage me to finish this book with a resounding---"Well Done!".  Prod me--chastise me--keep me on the path and help me finish with integrity--and the sweet taste of a lasting story of joy and love.  Walk with me as I live the final chapters of this earthly story.

So today begins--the final trek---the final chapters---

And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.
Philippians 1:6


  1. You say: " Prod me--chastise me"

    OK ... I will. I hope you can take it.

    I agree with both your daughter and you. She is right in saying that your new title is somewhat sad. It may not be sad for you, or for what you well describe as your journey towards the Lord. Of course, as Christians, we all look forwards to the day when we are re-united with our loved ones in Heaven for eternity. But we should not wish it to happen sooner.

    I'm sure that's not your intention in choosing this title. You're too much of a fun loving and bubbly person to have or wish a gloomy final chapter(s). At least that's the impression we all get from your posts here. But I fear that, by choosing this title, you may well give a sad impression to new readers, or people who find Blogs by accident (God incidence) by searching on search engines and Blog lists. By seeing "The Final Chapters" as a title they are hardly going to rush over and visit you; are they?

    Yours has been a wonderful Blog always shining like a beacon in a very dark Internet and WWW. And I'm sure it will be so in future; because you ARE a shining star yourself, as your posts can testify. Why hide your light under a sombre title?

    Choose something cheerful instead. Like "Come laugh with me!" or something like that. And then continue to write wonderfully as you always have. That's why I keep returning here. And will continue to do so despite the change of title.

    God bless you and your family.

    P.S. If you are unhappy by my comment, please delete it. I'll still visit you here.

    1. I appreciate your honesty and candor, Victor, and will think it over. Yes, you are correct in many things you say AND I am NOT rushing the day- but there comes a time in life when you begin to realize "I WILL see Jesus and stand before the throne of judgement." Time to think over how will this story end.

      Would never delete your comment---I am always grateful for your honesty!

      Blessings, Friend!

    2. Sorry to come back again, Lulu.

      You are a wonderful person and it shows by the way you write here, and what you write here. Yes, as we grow older, we all wonder about our "way out" and about seeing Our Lord face to face. As you know, I came pretty near it two years ago. However, whilst we're here, I believe, our role is to spread His message as best we can, and also, as best we can, to be fun for ourselves and others around us.

      You are a fun person, Lulu. And the new title I feel did not reflect that.

      (Thinks). Why not start a competition for best title for this Blog. No prize for the winner.

      God bless.

    3. AH, Victor, I think it is so interesting that you are so disturbed. NOT TO WORRY---I am two weeks out on posts and they ring true to what I have written in the past. There comes a time in life,--perhaps you are not there yet--when it dawns on you---HEY I'm not getting out of this alive--LOL! As your peers and those close in age begin appearing in the Obits---the light bulb lights. NOT being negative--am thinking about ending this earthly saga well! I am thankful for your comments and concern--NOT TO WORRY---God will have those who are supposed to read ---open the page--no matter what the name!
      Blessings, Friend!

  2. Well... dear sweet friend, I for one, like your change/chapter and the change you wish to go with. Change is good...just my opinion, in small doses-wink, wink. I look forward to checking in when I can...Bless you sweet friend for being so brave to make changes.

    1. I knew there would be some who liked it---change is good--thanks for commenting. Keep your nose to the grindstone and I am always thankful when you do have time to stop by! It's like stopping by a friend's home--you are always welcome.

  3. What's in a name? Actually, I think The Final Chapters is pretty clever. I thought about calling mine Just Passing Through. Maybe you're like me and as my life gets closer to the jumping off point, I feel my own mortality creaking ever closer. Perfectly normal. I feel it a lot of late. In anticipation of that inevitable event, I've done the customary things: had a Will drawn up, pre-written my Obituary, removed junk piling up and other things. Nothing wrong with that. It's actually a kindness for my beneficiaries and others left behind. Or perhaps I'm a hopeless control freak. *grin* Anyway, I'll pop by no matter what the name.
    Hope your day is blessed.

    1. We are on the same page, Sparky. Not dreading the day, but making the most of this earthly time-praying I finish well!
      Blessings, Friiend!


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