Halloween is quickly approaching--and all the ghosts and goblins will line the street all night long looking for treats with threats of tricks if disappointed.  In the spirit of the season---it seems I have a ghost right here at my humble abode.  I suppose most 90+ year old homes come with a ghost, but I must admit I was a little surprised--for you see I don't believe in ghosts!

The story begins with my last set of tenants---MISS THOSE GUYS!---Luke texts me and tells me one of the garage doors went up and down several times during the middle of the night.  He laughingly said there must be a ghost--LITTLE DID HE KNOW!   

 I call the garage door service company and out they come.  After much discussion, we decide the sweet two year old standing on the sensors (actually caught him in the act) had put them out of alignment and they need to be straightened up.  NOW I should have thought at the time--WHY then would the doors only go up and down in the middle of the night?  

Fast forward---the doors have behaved for weeks---but one day I notice the tenants door is half way up.  I text him and inquire and he puts it back down---vowing he did not raise it.  A couple of weeks later the new tenant text me and says the doors went up and down several times during the night AGAIN.  NOW this does not bother me--since the garage is not attached, but perhaps it could be a little annoying if you are trying to sleep above the doors which are running up and down in the middle of the night.  SO I call the service company AGAIN and ask for an exorcism service call.

I do a little research via Google (the great WWW truth-teller) and discover 3 different possible causes.  The nice serviceman, Chad--for by now we are on first name basis---arrives and I am loaded with advice.  He nods his head--agrees it could be any of those things---and begins to address all 3 over the next two days.

He cuts me a deal---and $600 later we have fixed everything it could possibly be--a new circuit board, a new surge protector, and a new set of sensors for all three doors---CLEARLY we have taken care of the problem.

A few days later--I look out and see the door open half way---AND the tenant denies doing it.  THE GHOST IS BACK---or he never left.  I try one of the two last things I have found while searching for answers----I change the battery in the remote.

SO the $3.50 battery change seems may have finally done the trick---EXPENSIVE EXORCISM!  Perhaps next time I will try the obscure least costly possibility first!  BUT WHO KNOWS-the ghost may be plotting his next visit as I write and laughing at my foolish efforts!

As a post-script--since this was written a couple of weeks ago, I saw the door up again this week.  I sat around dreading sending the text to inquire of the tenant if he had raised it.  Finally I broke down and asked did he know it was up and had the ghost come back for an encore.  He texted back, "HaHaHa--I forgot to put it back down when I took the trash out."  I do not understand the humor of some---for I found NOTHING funny about this!

AH--the joys of home ownership!



  1. LOL--Thanks for the fits of giggles, Lulu. We once lived in a house that was built in 1776 (yes, that is correct)---and the house could tell stories, I am telling you...and that is all I am going to say....smiles

    1. Wow that makes my house look like the new kid on the block!! It is Never a Dull Moment!
      Blessings, Friend!

  2. may your weekend be completely void of any kind of drama or trauma, friend!


    1. I have escaped from The Hood this weekend, Linda & left all those problems there. :-)
      Blessings , Friend

  3. Ghosts do exist, Lulu. I'll be writing about one I saw on my Blog shortly. I did not see it on my Blog, I saw it in real life. And I'll be writing about it shortly. I won't be writing shortly meaning not a long drawn out tale. By shortly I mean in a short space of time. What I mean to say:

    Ghosts exist.

    I saw one.

    I'll be writing about it.

    On my Blog.

    Possibly later on this week.

    I must cut down on my spirits !!! By spirits, I don't mean ghosts ... I mean spiritual drinks ... not religious, but drinks like whisky and ...

    God bless you, Lulu.


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