My blogging friend from across the pond, Victor, has been tackling the taboo subject of nudity here.  WELL--in fairness- it was taboo during my early years--but now anything seems to go.  Don't believe me---go to the beach-little is left to the imagination today.  I am really left scratching my head and wondering if people no longer have full length mirrors--or if they do---do they EVER stand in front of them!  Is there a deep desire for the entire population to know exactly what you look like naked--comes to mind.

The original nudists were Adam and Eve--WAY back when God created.  There was no problem for them--for after all no one else was walking around for them to compare their bodies with.  It TRULY got no better than them!  Since man was created to multiply and fill the earth--sex was definitely around--but there was no one else to tempt the eye--beyond each other.  Combine this with the innocence before sin--and nudity was no biggie!  The temperature was perfect---and man was perfect--so WHY NOT!  If we could have only kept that innocence---THINK of all the money we would be saving on clothes!

BUT--man sinned and he realized he was naked.  The first thing God did--was to supply man with clothes--knowing that with the loss of innocence---he needed to be covered.  The first animal sacrifice was made for the purpose of supplying man with clothing.  It has been downhill ever since!  God had to provide for the redemption of our sin-beginning with the first man and woman--until He finally permanently and lastingly redeemed us all with the blood of Jesus.

Here we are all these years later and we seem to be headed back to the walking around naked--for all practical purposes.  For what purpose do we put on clothing which leaves little to the imagination?  My guess is attention seeking.  Amazingly enough---perfect body (in the eyes of the world's standards) or far from perfect---some seem to relish flaunting their bodies.  There are those who walk around with so little on--they might as well be naked.  Mostly women--but even some men--have this need for there to be nothing left to imagine.

HERE, My Friends, is the truth of the matter---MOTHER NATURE WINS!!!  There will come a day when walking around naked is NOT beyond bizarre--it is down right frightening to think about!  AND---NOBODY wants to see the ravages of time!  

NOW--I have no qualms about lack of dress in the privacy of my home--and when I stand in front of the mirror--I see the scars of a lifetime of living.  Surgeries and babies have a way of permanently altering what you began with.  BUT as I look at those surgery scars, I am grateful for modern medicine and all these years I have been given because of the advances of medical science.  The permanent scars of carrying three children are sweet reminders of God's blessings.  I look in the mirror and see a lifetime of living---and it is a beautiful thing--in my eyes.  But I feel no compulsion or need to share these blessings with the entire world.

SO for all you nudists and those who wear so little you might as well be nude, consider this---I don't really care to see your naked body-BUT please feel free to enjoy your freedom to be free of restraint.  I would dare to say--MOST do not want or care to see your bare minimum.  I find you much more attractive with some clothing on---my imagination is much kinder than the stark reality of your nudity.  SO---PLEASE---THINK ABOUT PUTTING SOME CLOTHES ON!

Like a gold ring in a pig's snout is a beautiful woman without discretion.
Proverbs 11:22



  1. I think it was Groucho Marx who said if you want to have a good laugh stand naked in front of a full length mirror.

    For any men trying this, I suggest you use a concave mirror because it makes things look bigger and you'll look more handsome. A convex mirror makes things look smaller and you'll get the shock of your life.

    Women can use ordinary mirrors because they are always beautiful anyway, naked or not.

    I often wonder why Adam and Eve, when they sinned, they chose to cover those particular bits. What was so unusual about those bits which needed covering? Can you imagine, if they had thought that the nose was the area which really needed covering, we'd all be going naked today with our underpants on our heads. Try it sometime. It's good fun!

    You've tackled this question well, Lulu; and thanx for the link.

    I'm not sure where I stand about nudism in public (like on the beach with little or no clothing) or in a nudist camp where people go to air their differences. Personally, I'd rather sit down than stand; much less embarrassing.

    I was at a beach a month ago and, as you say, the costumes people wore, especially women, left little to the imagination. I did not know where to look, despite my lack of imagination. Besides, every time I looked I got a sharp elbow in the ribs.

    When I confessed a week later, the priest asked me where the beach was.

    God bless you Lulu. You cheer me up.

  2. And another thing about Adam and Eve ...

    If I was naked and met a snake I'd be worried about being bitten in my private parts, not engage in conversation with him. And if the snake spoke back at me I'd probably poop in my non-existing pants with fright. A talking snake? Whatever next?

    And how did they go round all those cactus plants and other vegetation which sting at the mere touch? Paradise must have been a very dangerous place, especially with all those wasps, mosquitoes, bees, ants ... It must have been a walking picnic for those insects seeing all that naked flesh.

    Which reminds me: Do they have insects problems in nudist camps? And why do they always seem to be playing tennis or volley ball?

    You've really set my mind thinking, Lulu.

    God bless.

    1. Love how you always bring a sense of levity, My Friend! Better to laugh thsn cry anyday! Thanks for the nudge to write this post!
      Blessings, Friend!

  3. And why is it in your picture the men are naked round the table and the woman not? The men don't know where to look!

    1. Well frankly Victor turn about is fair play!


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