I am always inspired when out hiking.  The latest trip was no exception.  For those of you unfamiliar with hiking, it all begins at a trail head with a destination set--most of the time some scenic wonder.  Some trails are out and back and others are a circular routes which bring you back to your starting point without repeating your steps.

Many times I get so caught up in watching my steps for fear of fall, that I look down and miss the beauty of the trail.  Other times, especially when hiking with a group, you become so enthralled with reaching the beauty of the final destination, that you practically run up the trail and again miss the majesty of the trail as you hike.  

The best hikes are those when you go slow enough that you take in the grandeur of the trail every step of the way.  Each section has its own beauty--and yes, it is wonderful to reach the apex--the peak of the journey--but unless you are mindful--you miss the glory of walking the trail.

A wonderful metaphor for life.  We become so obsessed with reaching the next goal--we can sometimes loose the joy of the journey. 

When I--
     Graduate from high school
     Graduate from college
     Get a job
     Get married
     Have children
     Raise those children
     Get the children married
     Have grandchildren

We walk from one plateau-- to another and forget to enjoy the season we are traveling through.  Our eyes are on the future instead of relishing today.

And then there was a couple-long ago---out for a hike--

What were Mary and Joseph thinking as they traveled the road to Bethlehem?  Were they only worried about getting to their destination and being in the count?   Were they consumed with worry--since they obviously were dragging behind the throng---since there was no room left in the inn.  Were they fearful of the "What might happen?"--worried about the journey?  Or did they trust The God who had sent His messenger to tell them the wonder of their baby?  Did they relish the time together--talk about the son who was to come--cherish the wonder of being selected to be the earthly parents of the Heavenly Prince? 

Words to ponder---as we begin this Advent Season.  This year--instead of becoming consumed with shopping, decorating, parties, sending cards--and all the other trimmings leading up to the day.  I pray we all cherish the path--remember the reason--look up and look around--and enjoy the grandeur of each day. Cherish each day as they pass on the journey to the celebration of the greatest gift ever given.  Pause and remember the reason for the season--Jesus.

So Joseph also went up from the town of Nazareth in Galilee to Judea, to Bethlehem the town of David, because he belonged to the house and line of David.  He went there to register with Mary
Luke 2:4-5



  1. What a wonderful sermon. I think you should write sermons for priests/vicars to read on Sundays. I like the way you move on from a hike, to life to the travel to Bethlehem by Joseph and Mary. Truly wonderful, Lulu.

    Thanx for your wisdom. God bless.

    1. Someday I coming to England to meet some of those Vicars I have read so much about, Victor!


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