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Thursday, January 14, 2016


As a single person, one of the things I miss is a little romance.  Roses are lovely---candy is yummy---but sweet words are the best.  

I must admit I like a good romance novel occasionally---and enjoy a sappy chick flick - Hallmark movie style.  Those wonderful stories where boy meets girl--they fall deeply in love--they overcome all the obstacles and live happily ever after.  If ONLY life were so easy!  BUT hope springs eternal--even in my old age.

SO---if by some long shot---I had some romance in my life again---what "type" am I looking for?  


One who is faithful--accepts me for who I am--listens to me--cares for me--loves me without reservation--protects me--provides for me--and wants to be with me.  What do I offer in return---my complete devotion, loyalty, love and sacrificial acts of love.

My friend, Len, reminded me recently whom I am describing---who is the strong-silent type---Jesus.  And I immediately thought of the song , "Divine Romance".  No better description of the romance I experience on a daily basis--

What passion I love Him with---How I desire His Presence---How I enjoy this divine romance.

 What more beautiful romance than His Word-the story of God's faithful love for us---His pursuit of us---His care for us-His provision for us---His desire to be with us and the happily ever after ending---when we turn to Him.

But God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved us, even when we were dead in our trespasses, made us alive together with Christ— by grace you have been saved—
Ephesians 2:4-5


  1. (I am going to be funny)--take it from me, you're not missing much, LOL. I guess men think they can court you, send you flowers, candy, jewelry etc. and then when they marry--forget it---(more laughter)

    Ok, my teasing/joking is over with. Another great post, Lulu...thank you sweet friend. A happy Thursday to you.

    1. I have not forgotten that, My Friend--sans--being single!
      Blessing, Dear Friend!

  2. No one loves us like the Lover of our soul.

    No one ...

    What a sacred post, Lulu. Thank you.

    1. I could not add one thing to that statement, Linda!

  3. Romance?

    How can you have romance when a woman puts all sorts of cream on her face and her hair in curlers before going to bed? When she lies on her back in bed and says: "The ceiling needs painting again!" When she wants to be "friendly" just as the football is starting on TV?

    Need I say more?

    Men, on the other hand can be very romantic. Like taking it for granted that the wife knows you love her. Why else do you put up with a dragon for a mother-in-law? Is that not a sign of love and affection?

    Men don't like it when women ask for re-assurance and repetition. We said we loved them years ago when we married them. What else do they want? Repetition over and again every day that we still love them? You wouldn't thank a kettle, or a toaster, or a fridge every day for being there, do you? You appreciate their presence and their functioning as they are meant to. It's the same with romance.

    Thinks) Lulu will never speak to me again after this.

    Wonderful post Lulu. Thank you as ever. God bless.

    1. I laughed out loud the first time through & then again when I read it aloud to my daughter. Well Said, Victor!
      Blessings, Friend

    2. LOLOLOL Victor!!! I better not say another word, lol.

  4. Romance is nice, but I prefer kindness and living with someone who is like-minded. Oh, and lots of money in the bank. *grin* A definite laughing out loud to Victor's comment. He is such a nut ... in the best sense of the word, of course. ~:)

    1. With time romance slips into a deeper truly intimate relationship- totally get what you are saying, Sparky! As for Victor- I wait with bated breathe for my daily chuckle from the man!
      Blessings, Friend


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