Since we are on the subject of shame---why not investigate labels and those who are charged with labeling.  What qualifications are necessary
to become a label-er?  OH--NO NEED for you to label me---I do a GREAT JOB of labeling myself based upon the world's standards.

And those labels---they are seldom good---mostly pointing out our short-comings---and bringing shame with them.  When we announce a label for another---it seldom is complimentary---and almost always sure to hurt.  

Even when the label is not necessarily always negative, it is the tone and attitude it is announced in that marks us with shame.  The label liberal or conservative when announced in the right venue is not bad--but when proclaimed in the opposing camp is worse than a dirty name.

Why is it we look for the negative things about our fellow human-beings---why do we examine only the surface---what causes us to be so hyper-critical of others and in-sensitive to their feelings?  I taught my children---when others speak cruelly---in an un-kind manner about you---it is because they do not feel good about themselves and want to bring you down to their level or hopefully even lower.  This was little balm for the embarrassment and shame suffered over cruel labels.

It starts early in life our need to label.  I have seen the shame in the face of a child who is labeled as slow in school.   The child labeled as slow/nonathletic on the playground--always chosen last for the team.  The child who is labeled ugly, fat, poor---on and on.  Where do children learn to be so cruel to one another?  We probably don't have to look far to figure out how they learned---the reflection in the mirror is more than likely the culprit.  How easy to point out someone as fat when you have never struggled with your weight.  How easy to point out someone as ignorant when you were gifted with intelligence and all the right opportunities.  How easy to label someone as lazy who is homeless and on the street--when you have no idea their circumstance.  We all are guilty of opinions based upon first glances---and first glances only skim the surface.

A truly great person (label) does not debase or lower others--does not make fun or light of others short-comings--does not stick labels on individuals.  A truly great person looks beyond the outer shell into the heart---stops and listens to their story and recognizes each and every person for their individuality.  A truly great person looks for the best in each of us and marks us with only the positive labels.

SO put your shame behind you---focus on the positives---and recognize who is doing the labeling as biased and small minded.  The One who looks at us with un-biased vision labels us

 His Child---

His Beloved---
His Heir---
His Daughter (Son)---
The Apple of His Eye---
His Treasured Possession---
Holy & Blameless---
His Workmanship---
His Friend---
 (All Based Upon His Word)

Choose to hang onto these labels--and leave the world's behind--after all---whose judgement do you trust?

O my God, in You I trust, Do not let me be ashamed; Do not let my enemies exult over me.
Psalms 25:2


  1. Labeling is part of human nature. We cannot escape it. It is like putting people in a pigeon hole by generalising on some attribute they may or may not have. As you say, it is petty minded and says more about the labeler than the labelee.

    I remember when I was young at school there was a boy who had success written all over him. The other kids did it with their pens.

    We had a teacher who always told us "Sticks and stones may break my bones; but words will never hurt me!" Then one day he fell into the printing press.

    Personally, I like labels. It's the only way I can find the price of the goods I want to buy. I hate having to ask "How much is this? And this? And that?" Especially when I am in the £1 shop.

    NOTE: Do you have the equivalent £1 shops in the US. These are shops where everything is $1.

    QUESTION: What label would YOU give YOURSELF?

    God bless you Lulu.

    1. "His Beloved"
      As for the dollar stores- they are on every block- my answer to a trip to WalMart whenever possible . Why we even have the $5Store for those feeling rich!
      Blessings , Friend!

  2. Yes, Victor, we have $1

    Good post, Lulu...and I was going to make an offhand oh...I am in so much trouble about labeling...but, no, I won't, wink.

    1. We are all guilty, Linda! A habit learned from our youth!
      Blessings, Friend!

  3. Oh yes, Lulu ... I want to wear the labels that God has given me ... loved, priceless, precious, beloved, daughter. And I want to embrace all the rest of His attributes that push the away bad labels that have been thrown my way.

    Shame. One of the enemy's biggest weapons. Get behind us, satan.

    1. His labels carry no shame and require no effort on our part to keep them. What a relief!
      Blessings, Friend!

  4. I think labels are good, just like being discriminatory about bad behaviour. It can keep us out of trouble or away from trouble. As long as we don't use those labels to be hurtful I think we're good to go. Of course, God's labels are perfect because He is so. ~:)

    1. HUMM---perhaps you are right if we keep them in perspective, Sparky! I appreciate your input!
      Blessings, Friend!

  5. You have done a amazing job with you website labels


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