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Friday, January 8, 2016


Have you ever participated in or been party to a discussion of the "late parents"?  My brothers and I have spent many an hour laughing and reminiscing about our "Momma".  She was quite the character--an enigma.  What others saw was NOT what we got!  The little lady-all five feet two inches of her and less in later years could be one tough cookie.  Always the gracious Southern Lady, she could send feathers flying when she walked purposefully into the chicken coop of home.  I have vivid memories of trying to stay out of sight and hopefully out of mind during my childhood.  She was a firm believer in work building character and I was a firm believer in children need to play.

What legacy did she live me---she has been gone almost 15 years---what did she teach me, show me, or emulate to me that is a lasting part of who I am?  How does she resonate within me-all these years later? What was her legacy?

Tenaciousness -  Momma's life was not easy.  I watched as a child as she became the effective head of the family as my father battled alcoholism.  She not only sought treatment for him, but also worked to support the family, and kept the house together.  She then stepped into the role of full time single parent when he died from lung cancer.  In this role thrust upon her--she never complained--looked back--or faltered.  She got up everyday and worked a man's job in a man's world.  Not until my younger brother graduated from high school did she leave the hometown we were familiar with, but she never really loved. She kept her hand on the plow and nose to the grindstone.  She stayed the course--hung in there--did the job---and all three of us graduated from college and had successful professional careers.

Good Manners - We were taught and she displayed good manners always.  These good manners were exhibited to all--without distinction to class, age, or race.  There was never an excuse for poor manners and she did not tolerate ill-mannered children. She could pinch a plug out of you with the best of them!   With these good manners, came a concern and awareness of the place others found themselves in life.  We grew empathetic and sympathetic toward the pain and sorrow of others. 

Obsessive Need For Cleanliness and Order---My mother was a clean freak about herself and all her surroundings.  We literally mopped the pattern off the linoleum tiles in our house.  One of my vivid childhood memories is her licking her finger and wiping some dirt culprit off my face.  We shined our shoes every night--until the leather became soft and supple from all the brushing and polishing.  Everything had a place and everything was always in its place.  There was never any clutter or dis-order and Heaven Forbid---dirt!

Love For Her Family---In her own way, Momma loved us all and there was never any doubt about it.  We all show love in different ways.  I remember laughing with a friend whose mother showed love through her cooking.  The mantra was "Eat a pie" when you walked into her house.  Momma's love was most evident in her hard work to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads.

Her legacy is more than this, but the point is she left a legacy that lives on in each of us.  Some of the legacy we have passed on to our children--but not all.  Each of the three siblings are leaving a different legacy to our own children---but the point is  --we all will leave a legacy.  Perhaps my legacy will be dillo hunting--loudly laughing--quickly quipping--mountain climbing--adventure seeking--friend loving--pen packing--but something tells me from the snide comments at times from my off-spring--they will do a lot of laughing about their momma too and say I was QUITE THE CHARACTER!

As I read in The Word today, I came across this passage-

I have been reminded of your sincere faith,
which first lived in your grandmother, Lois,
and in your mother, Eunice,
and I am persuaded now lives in you also.
2 Timothy 2:5

What a beautiful and important legacy to leave to our children and grandchildren---faith.  If I could leave only one lasting thing to those I love---it would be my love of God and knowledge of what Jesus did for us.  The sure and certain knowledge--Jesus is Enough.  Now THAT is truly a legacy!


  1. I often wonder what my child would say about me...yes, friend we often have talks-my parents are still alive and my mother in law is alive. I agree, FAITH must play a important role, at least it does for me and my house, wink. Another great post, Lulu...have a Happy Friday.

    1. Something tells me your son has great admiration for his mom! What a great legacy to leave behind/ starting college & pursuing a new career in middle age. You certainly have my respect & admiration!
      Blessings, Friend!

  2. What a wonderful post to write about your Mom. She should be really proud of you.

    God bless you Lulu.

    1. She was quite the lady, Victor. She would have fit into British Aristocracy and never missed a beat!
      Blessings, Friend!

  3. I've tried not to continue the legacy of hate, cursing and violence my 'father' left me. It's always a better day when I don't even think about him. Instead, I want to emulate the love that comes from our LORD Jesus Christ.
    I like old photos. Is that you next to your Mama? ~:)

    1. Amen, Sparky---leave the positive and discard the negative!

      Yes this was made around 1990---doesn't seem that long ago!


    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I didn't know your mom...but she sounds like quite a gal...well said.!!!!


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