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Monday, February 22, 2016


Why would I ever pray for weakness?  Somehow along life's road, I have been given the description of being a strong woman.  What could possibly be wrong with being know for strength and endurance?  Not one thing--unless along the path lined with the stones of I Can Do This, my heart slowly becomes as hard as the stones I walk upon.  

If while trekking along the rocky path of survival, my vision narrows with the slow loss of peripheral vision until the ultimate consequence of tunnel vision, is being strong good.  While concentrating on staying the path, I have lost sight of the crowds surrounding me -on the same path for a multitude of reasons---all trying to be strong and survive.

It sadly would become much like a hike to the top of the mountain where I had my eyes always down--just trying to reach the mountain peak---and missing the glory of the trek.  As with much in life, the beauty is often in the journey, not in obtaining the ultimate destination.

I can become so consumed with surviving the difficult, that I fail to look around and see others who have suffered far greater pain and trails.   As our hearts physically harden with insufficient blood supply, they become lifeless without compassion for our fellow sojourners.

If I walk by a homeless stranger without a glance, unwilling to help without explanation of why he is there, my heart will harden.

If I leave it to the teachers to help every struggling child, for after all--they are being paid for this, my heart will harden.

If I turn the other way, when I see a tear falling, for someone is better equipped than me to help, my heart will harden.

If I ignore the stranger in the crowd and assume another will walk their way, my heart will harden.

If I fail to pray for those with great loss, those with illness, those with financial distress, those with family strife, those who are alone, those who can't get along, those who are lost, my heart will harden.

If walking by and ignoring the obvious I become strong, then, Lord, I pray for weakness.

2 LORD, be gracious to us; we long for you. Be our strength every morning, our salvation in time of distress.
Isaiah 33:2


  1. I used to be very weak, Lulu. Not a good state to be in. I went to the doctor and he gave me a bottle of vitamins. When I got home I was so weak I could not even open the bottle of vitamins. My family had to drive me back to the doctor and he opened the bottle for me. With hindsight, I could have asked them to open the bottle instead.

    Anyway, the doctor suggested I drink a pint of Guinness a day. I ordered a large barrel full and when it arrived it was so heavy that two strong men had to carry it in the kitchen and fix a tap (faucet) on it so I could pour a drink a day. It really worked. After drinking a glass of Guinness every day for a month I can now carry the barrel all by myself.

    I doubt very much you're hard-hearted, Lulu. You come accross as a kind person from your writings. And a strong one too judging from all your trekking, mountaineering, kayaking and so on. Makes me tired just watching the photos. Oh ... not forgetting hanging on that wire between mountains. That's brave.

    God bless.

    1. But if my strength comes from seeking self pleasure- have I missed the point of it all, Victor?
      Always thankful for your stories & my subsequent chuckles!
      God Bless You, Victor

    2. Forgive me for coming back here, Lulu. No, you have not missed the point. There is nothing wrong with self pleasure, as you put it. God placed us on this earth to enjoy it, and to enjoy the fruits and goodness He put on earth. Whether it is food, or enjoying the countryside pursuits, the sea, flowers or whatever gives us pleasure. God wants us to enjoy life, not endure it as a perpetual sacrifice until we're worm food.

      I have it on good authority that when we meet St Peter he will not check whether we have calloussed knees through endless hours in prayer. Rather he will check HOW we have lived. Have we made best use of the opportunities given to us by God? Whether these are talents for music, science, sports or whatever. No one has achieved greatness in life by themselves. It is God that has enabled them to become what they are. So St Peter will check on his latest electronic tablet whether we have used our talents and opportunities for the benefit of others. To love one another as Christ commanded.

      There's nothing wrong with you enjoying yourself, Lulu. Go for it, Lady. And share you photos with us.

      (I need a Guinness now).

      God bless.


  2. This brought tears of conviction. My heart has become callused with walls of self protection and bitterness. My pride is in my strength and I am self righteous and condemning. No, I am not "down" on myself, just have been doing a lot of heart searching. I believe our strength should come from God, not ourselves and that we have trials and tribulations on this planet because we all sin but also for Him to help us grow and endure and help others along the way. In our weakness, He can make us strong but only if we seek him humbly. Praying for a heart that loves and forgives others as Jesus forgave us on the cross.

    1. Well Said!! It is human nature to form those walls of self protection---I run for cover in certain situations! And soul searching is a good thing---we all could stand a good dose of that occasionally!
      Yes---to those whom much has been given--much is expected---even forgiveness!
      God Bless You!

  3. Thanks for this, Lulu. When we get out of the way, He becomes stronger. When we lay down our agenda, He becomes stronger. When we reach the end of our ropes, He becomes stronger.

    But oh, how we hate to be weak ...

    1. I find myself tripping over my own feet trying to get out of the way, Linda!!
      God Bless You, Friend!

  4. Replies
    1. Miss You, Sparky!! Love to hear about your new job!
      God Bless You!


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