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Monday, April 11, 2016


I read an article in the "Washington Post" this weekend about the increasing death rates among middle aged--white women.  Here we are with the best medical system in the world--care available for all and the death rate is increasing for the surprising age class of 40-55 white women.  WHY?

As I read through the article, I was heart broken--for you see--loss of hope was the reason for this surge in numbers.  OH--on the death certificates, it lists liver cirrhosis, heart failure, pneumonia, and suicide, but the root cause---no hope.  Here we are in the most affluent country in the world--and we have people who have no hope for anything better.

These are not the homeless--not those without families--not those chronically ill.  These are women---who cannot seem to find anything to live for---who have given up---and looked to alcohol and drugs for relief from the pain.  With the relief came addiction, and with addiction comes destruction of the body, and with that destruction comes death.  

I do not see this hopelessness at the shelter when working with the children.  Most of their parents are taking advantage of the programs to give them a boost up.  They are seeking to better their lives in what many would consider a staggering uphill climb.  I do not see despondency upon their faces though, I see determination.  What is the difference?

I believe it is a helping hand and the daily reminder of Jesus.  As we trek the path on this great planet and face the struggles thrown at us along the way--how do we face tomorrow with the hope of a future promised by Jesus?  Somehow these women, at what I consider the prime of life, have become so depressed and disillusioned they are not able to cope and passively accept the knowledge of where there self destructive behavior has them headed.  They begin to believe death is better or at least a way out.

What am I to do with this knowledge?  What is my responsibility?  I am not sure---I will continue to serve those God has placed in my path---and I will continue to pray for my eyes and ears to be open to the opportunities God gives me----and pray for our great nation.  I also choose to believe in a Sovereign God and my hope is in Him for us all.

15 where then is my hope— who can see any hope for me?
Job 17:15


  1. This is a sad but very truthful post. Lulu, I have seen this very same loss of hope here in the UK.

    I believe it is because, to many, God does not exist. Without God in their lives their attention is towards materialism which does not please one for long. I have known people in good jobs, with good houses, and great cars with no hope.

    Lulu ... today you made me so sad.

    God bless.

    1. As I replied to a FB comment , Victor, we send missionaries all over the world and forget our next door neighbor. It is sad & deeply convicting.
      God Bless You!

    2. That's what I've been telling them at the church Lulu! It's nice that they want to send missionaries to Whatever Land but our next door neighbor may be struggling with those feelings of hopelessness too. I even mentioned it to my Doctor this morning (nothing wrong, 6 month checkup) and she is concerned about the high rate of suicide in the young right now. I had a suspicion the rate was high but no proof. This is all so very troubling. We discussed how much the world needs Christ to get back on the right course. Part of the problem, though, is our government is rapidly becoming fascist. They're teaching it in the schools, it's on TV, etc. It's scaring kids to death .... literally. They feel hopeless. Keep praying my friend! And wonderful, well written post.
      Blessings to you and yours. ~:)

    3. I am praying, Sparky- fervently !

  2. Well, YAY! My computer finally let me visit you again, Lulu! Hopefully, our lines of communication will stay clear and wide open in the days ahead.

    What a Monday morning gift to hang out here with you again, friend ...

    1. I think I am "Fixed" Linda-well as fixed as I will ever be! I have been missing you friend!

  3. Matter of prayer and asking God to help us see past the virtual reality to the heart of our neighbors. Jesus when did we see you?

    I do find the title interesting - I'm pretty sure the "death rate" is 100%. This is the same language used on all those drugs that promise pain free and health and wealth living.

    Praising God for your compassionate response knowing that we are "they".

    1. I thought of the same thing-pretty sure we do not get out of this alive. Always praying I see with the eyes of Jesus. Thankful for your example in how to love as He loves!
      Blessings , My Dear Friend


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